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Corrigan’s Door placed their order in with us august this year and after a short period of design and development we are pleased to announce the launch of  their new responsive, medical website. This website is an up to date and mobile compatible version  to replace their old website, which was dated and needed redesigning. Below is a press release taken from our website 

Since 1996, from their central offices in Chiswick, West London, Corrigan’s Door has been the preferred supplier of locum medical staff to over 90% of the nation’s private hospitals and NHS Health Trusts. With so much demand for their doctors and consultants from across the country, they knew it was time for their website to get a massive overhaul and this week it goes live.

Every year Corrigan’s Door supplies staff to cover thousands of hours in hospitals and treatment centres up and down the UK. They have on their books doctors and top line consultants from many different specialist areas and disciplines.

“The NHS is facing this winter with more doctors, more nurses and more money than it has ever had in its history”, said David Cameron at Prime Minister’s Questions in January. It might be, but that soundbite doesn’t cover the whole story. The truth of the matter, so artfully skirted around as always by politicians, is that supply is not meeting demand. Over the past decade there has been a significant rise in the amount of people visiting Accident and Emergency departments by about 30% across the country, there has also been a rise in the amount of visitors to A&E who have gone on to stay in hospital. The queues are growing.

There is a massive shortfall in staffing in Britain’s hospitals, especially in the NHS. Figures suggest up to a fifth of posts for senior doctors are remaining unfilled at three NHS Trusts that have been investigated over high death rates. There is a shortage of somewhere in the region of 20,000 doctors and nurses. This is especially a problem in A&E where graduating medical staff are looking to avoid what they see as a high pressured and thankless environment; preferring instead to look for more lucrative specialisms.

Out of all our peers in Europe it seems that only three countries: Slovenia, Romania and Poland have fewer doctors per head of population than the UK. We have only 2.71 practising doctors for every 1000 people. Compare that to Greece with more than six per thousand, Austria with just under five and Italy with almost four.

Wherever there is a shortfall in staff, locum recruitment agency Corrigan’s Door is always ready to step in - and not just to make up the numbers. They have experienced doctors and consultants from many different specialist areas. 90% of the doctors on their books have come from referrals. In a staffing crisis, why wouldn’t you go to Corrigan’s Door?

We are looking forward to seeing the progress of Corrigan's Door over the next few months and wish them all the luck in the future and if you are a locum and permanent doctor looking for work visit

Corrigan’s Door Limited -
Address: 15 Devonshire Mews, Chiswick, London, W4 2HA
Telephone: 0208 994 6862 - FAX: 0208 994 6863 - Email:
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