Jobs In Pubs Does What It Says...

We are pleased to inform the re-launch of  the popular jobs board,, catering for the pub and restaurant trade.

Jobs in Pubs - Where You’re Always Sure of a Warm Welcome
Popular jobs board,, catering for the pub and restaurant trade, launches new website.

Let’s face it, a pub’s or restaurant’s success is dependant, for the main part, on the quality of its personnel. People want to relax and enjoy themselves when they go out; they expect a friendly, professional service from an attentive staff. If they get that then they will come back and recommend the pub/restaurant to others.

So the question remains – where do you find top quality customer facing and support staff? Where do you find people with bags of experience and an endearing personality? Jobs in Pubs have the answer. They have been successfully placing great candidates with great establishments since 2009. Now, due to their success, they have chosen to have a complete overhaul of their website to make it even easier for candidates and employers to get together.

The new Jobs in Pubs website brings in up to the minute notifications for jobs in the pub and restaurant trade from JobG8, both front of house and back of house opportunities. It has a fully functional mobile site, ecommerce with PayPal, a web service for remote job posting and a state of the art jobs board from industry pioneers Zero One Design.

Visit their website now for jobs in the pub and restaurant industry.
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