Highflyers Soar Again after Website Reboot

For New Homes Sales Staff

The Highflyers Employment declare business as usual after hosting company accidentally delete  their websiteAt Zero-One Design we understood the pressure of losing your company website, so when The Highflyers came to us to rescue what was lost and build them a new website, we were more than happy to help. After several weeks of design and development we are now pleased to announce the launch of www.thehighflyers.co.uk. 

As they always say: accidents do happen! Mishaps like stubbing your toe might be painful but you can shrug them off, but when your company’s entire website disappears it is not something to be treated lightly. That’s what happened to new house sales recruitment consultancy Highflyers website when their hosting company somehow accidentally deleted their entire site.

It is a time sensitive issue as traces will remain in the Google archives but not for long. The way it works is basically there are what are known as “spiders” that scuttle around reading and indexing what is on the World Wide Web. If a site deletion occurs you need to get in there and rescue the original content, metatags and URLs before the spiders realise it is down and remove all traces.

It all sounds like the plot of some B movie monster fright fest! This is no laughing matter for the company this happens to though; it could mean almost undeterminable lost revenue. Thankfully Highflyers were able to turn to Zero-One Design who were able to rescue what was lost and build a new website for them.
Highflyers recruit new housing sales staff originally around the Home Counties area. They have been expanding and are now operating out of the East Midlands. Highflyers source and provide sales advisors, sales office administrators, customer care professionals, sales progressors, and temporary estate agency salespeople; all on a permanent, temporary, short term or individual day cover basis.

Business has been good since  the UK continues to pull itself out of the doldrums the housing market found itself in following the 2008 debacle and resulting recession. It has been  a slow climb back for new house building but growth is escalating .  Despite being nearly 30% less new houses being built than in 2007, before the housing bubble burst, the number is increasing yearly and will keep increasing as supply is yet to match demand. 

At Zero-One Design we wish The Highflyers all the success for their new website and guarantee their website is in safe hands this time! :)

The Highflyers Employment Ltd - www.thehighflyers.co.uk
111, Parklands Drive, Loughborough, Leics, LE11 2SZ
Telephone: 07799 595091 - Email: marilyn@thehighflyers.co.uk
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