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Get Assigned Making a Difference by Being Different...

Get Assigned came to us in July engineering about a Start-up recruitment website. After a short time of design and development we are happy to announce the launch of their new recruitment website

Traditionally some recruitment agencies have given the business a bad name by only caring about the numbers and not the individual. They are indifferent to where a candidate is actually placed, as long as they have the basic skills to meet that job requirements, then hands are washed and more job seekers are herded like cattle. This has to change and a new recruitment agency based in South West London, Get Assigned Personnel Placement Specialists (or GAPPS for short), are at the forefront of making that change happen.  The change starts with their new website launched this week.

Offering permanent, temporary and short term contracts, GAPPS offers opportunities for prospective candidates in several dynamic business sectors including Accounting & Finance, IT, Health & Social Care and Hospitality.

   It is, though, not just jobs they are offering. GAPPS offers training opportunities; giving the chance for candidates to learn new skills, or perhaps add to or brush up on existing skills. They want to form a relationship with the candidate that starts the moment initial contact is made and extends to beyond job placement. GAPPS want to form long lasting relationships with employers, building trust and dialogue between them, so they know where the best place to go is when they need quality staff for an open position.

GAPPS staff are their most important asset. They come from a variety of backgrounds so they have the experience and knowledge in their chosen specialisations. This is a very important aspect of the service that GAPPS offers. Clients trust the recruiter to find a particular individual with the necessary skills and experience to fill post in their company; with the right background that recruiter will find the right candidate. Similarly the candidate, upon contacting the agency, wants the recruiter to listen and understand what they are looking for in their career; to go that extra mile to match up the perfect candidate with the perfect job.

Get Assigned wants to build a three way professional relationship with themselves, their clients and their candidates, where every successful appointment is a shared victory! Unfortunately, you don’t find that sort of enthusiasm and professionalism in all recruitment agencies.
We Wish GAPPS all the success in the future and will be keeping an update on there progress.
Good Luck!

Get Assigned Personnel Placement
Address:  Studio 105, Shakespeare Business Centre, 245A Coldharbour Lane, London SW9 8RR
Telephone:  0203 771 9337 Fax: 0203 771 9338 Email:
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