Friday, 21 April 2017

Elevate Pharma - Life Science Recruitment Specialists

Elevate Pharma - Life Science Recruitment
We are pleased to announce the launch of the new fully responsive recruitment website for Elevate Pharma. They are a specialist recruitment consultancy that concentrates exclusively on the Life Sciences Industry. Based in Nottingham they have the reach to recruit for global concerns. Although they are a new company, they have brought together a very experienced team who know their sectors inside out. For a company that intends to dominate its market they needed to field the very latest and most efficient, fast and fully responsive recruitment site. Who else would they call but Zero-One Design

Here is an excerpt from the press release we issued on their behalf:

Elevate Pharma is based in the East Midlands city of Nottingham and operates across the whole of the UK and internationally, with a client list that includes some of the biggest names in Life Sciences. In a relatively short space of time they have become the preferred supplier of clinical professionals to CRO’s, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Medical Communications companies all over the world. With the team they have assembled it was a certainty that they would soon settle in at the heart of the industry.

Candidates appreciate the fact that when they talk to their consultant it is a dialogue with someone who has a deep understanding of exactly what they are talking about. The consultants are sector specific so they have a finger on the pulse of their industry at all times, enabling them to offer necessary advice and support when needed. Candidates who are actively seeking a career move or are simply considering their next step in Life Sciences are offered all the tools they need to make it happen.

Clients of Elevate Pharma appreciate the lengths that are gone to in order to learn their business culture. This is an approach that is standard procedure at Elevate Pharma. Clients won’t be buried under a deluge of random CVs. By getting to know their clients the consultants use their networks of Life Sciences professionals, accessing some of the most talented individuals around.   Through these channels coupled with their extensive databases, they find the perfect match for the opportunity offered. Attention to detail is what separates Elevate Pharma from the rest.

Elevate Pharma is a young company formed by a group of highly experienced Life Sciences Industry insiders. They have a management team who have worked in the life sciences and pharmaceutical industry over a considerable period of time and have long-standing relationships with the people who matter.   They understand the needs of both their clients and their candidates which is a solid platform on which to build.
Add to the mix a group of consultants who know the industry and have many years’ worth of recruitment experience between them, you have a recruitment consultancy that is respected throughout its sector. 

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Thursday, 23 March 2017

Payments & Cards Network - Financial Technology Recruitment Jobs Board

Payments & Cards Network - FinTech Recruitment
Announcing the launch of the new high performance, responsive jobs board website for Payments & Cards Network. They specialise in executive search in the payments sector, with a multinational presence and a client list that reads like a corporate who’s who.

To maintain their position as industry leaders they needed a high performance website that could keep up with the demands put on it by tens of thousands of daily users, something their two previous sites couldn’t do. We re-designed and re-built the websites so that they are fully responsive and also quick and easy to manage. It is linked to their online database system with the details of over 75,000 candidates.

Here is an excerpt from the press release we issued on their behalf:

Formed in 2006, PCN has grown and expanded to have a truly global reach. Along with the head office in London, they also have offices in Hong Kong, Amsterdam and Cape Town. As the world’s leading specialists in executive search and recruitment for the payments industry, they have provided the highest quality professionals for management and executive positions for over a decade. We’re talking an average of over 90 placements per year with an unequalled 92% retention rate. They are doing something right!

It is not just about their success in recruitment though; it truly is an extensive network with over 30,000 industry professionals contributing to daily discussions and up to the minute industry-specific news. On top of that there are to be found over 75,000 industry professionals registered on the PCN global database. That’s why they set the pace and others struggle to even keep up.

You might be wondering what the secret to their success is? It is no secret really; it simply comes down to getting to know your candidate: their strengths and weaknesses, their ambition and drive. It’s about getting to know your clients: what they aim to achieve and what it will take to get them there, their existing team and what ingredients will add the little bit of extra flavour needed to succeed. After that it comes down to finding the perfect match between candidate and client and putting them in the same room.

The team at PCN work hard to develop and maintain close relationships with their clients, offering the best service they can and ensuring that clients are impressed enough to keep coming back whenever and wherever the need arises. Who are these clients? It might be quicker and easier to list who isn’t a client. Some of the most recognisable corporate powerhouses turn to PCN for professionals in Payments, eCommerce, Alternative Payments, Blockchain/Crypto, Merchant Services, Fin-Tech, Risk/Fraud and Security.

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Thursday, 2 March 2017

Inspire Selection - Recruiting across Dubai & UAE

Inspire Selection - Dubai & UAE Recruitment
Announcing the launch of Inspire Selectiona recruitment consultancy operating out of Dubai and serving UAE and other countries around the Middle East. They recruit in many industry sectors.

Zero-One Design has been lucky enough to work with Inspire Selection before, enjoying a relationship that has lasted over 5 years. When they came back to us wanting an upgrade in functionality with one of our latest  fully responsive sites and mobile compatibility, while keeping the original design and layout that we gave them because they love it so much, how could we refuse?

Here is an excerpt from the the press release we issued on their behalf:

With a wealth of recruitment experience already, it wasn’t long before a little company in Dubai brought a team featuring the best recruitment consultants together and grew to become a trusted partner to some of the largest and best known companies in UAE and across the Middle East.

How they came to be one of the most influential and important recruitment consultancies is down to a strong work ethic, honesty and openness throughout all their dealings both with clients and candidates. That is how you build a reputation that you can be proud of and earn the respect of clients ranging from blue chip multinationals to smaller local businesses. No matter what size of organisation they deal with, or how great the yearly turnover, all get treated to the same high levels of service.

Inspire Selection specialise in the recruitment of highly skilled professionals and executives in the following disciplines:

  • HR
  • Administration
  • Retail
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Legal
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Procurement
  • Logistics
  • Pharmaceutical
  • IT
  • Manufacturing & Production
  • Emiratisation

Candidates have confidence in Inspire Selection because they have an experienced recruitment consultant beside them every step of the way, from when they first walk in to the office to when they walk into their dream job. The friendly staff at Inspire Selection appreciates how important it is to be in a job you enjoy. That’s why they look not just at your qualifications on your CV – that’s just a piece of paper – they’d rather find out about the real you: your personality, character and what drives you. In that way they can find a job that you will love. They will prepare you for the interview to give you every chance of succeeding. They have a long list of great clients offering tremendous opportunities so there is bound to be something that suits you.

Clients appreciate the hard work that the consultants at Inspire Selection put in to get the right person every time. A person who will not just fill a vacancy, but will offer that extra something that the company needs going forward.

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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Announcing the launch of the new jobs board website for Proud Employers for LGBT people

Proud Employers - LGBT inclusive jobs board
Proud Employers is a jobs board we built to support a worthy cause: the opportunity for LGBT people to find welcoming employers who have gone that extra mile to provide a working environment where they can be who they are, feel free to express themselves and to achieve what they are really capable of.

Part of Stonewall, Europe’s largest LGBT charity, they aim to help candidates find roles with organisations committed to true diversity and inclusion for their employees.

Coinciding with their re-branding, this is a new fully responsive jobs board. It integrates with third party job posting companies as well as Universal Jobmatch, the UK Government’s jobs board.

Here is an excerpt from the press release we issued on their behalf:

Since 1989, when Stonewall was formed by like minded people who were appalled by Section 28 of The Local Government Act which stigmatised the LGBT community, they have campaigned tirelessly for the freedom of self-expression that everyone should enjoy. Since then government legislation has made it illegal to discriminate against anyone on the grounds of sexuality. While this is a long stride towards equality in employers’ recruitment policy, there is more work to do if there is to be equality of opportunity within the workplace.

Government legislation may prevent discrimination being displayed openly but it runs deeper than that. LGBT people have been afraid to reveal their true selves. If they are not openly abused then they are the victim of “innocent” innuendo. It’s not friendly banter when you are always on the receiving end. It is certainly no joke when you are consistently bypassed for promotion and advancement opportunities in favour of people who are “better equipped” to do the job.

It is a known fact that if a person is allowed the freedom to be who they are, if they are comfortable in their surroundings, then they will be more productive. More and more employers are coming to realise that and take advantage of it.

Proud Employers is a jobs board that has been set up specifically to recruit hardworking and talented people from the LGBT community who wish to be themselves and work in accepting environments. It was formed by a group of employers who recognise the benefits of all employees feeling comfortable in the workplace. All of these employers count among Stonewall’s Diversity Champions; they include some of the best known employers in the UK:

  • MacMillan Cancer Support
  • BP
  • Credit Suisse
  • MI5 The Security Service
  • MI6 The Secret Intelligence Service
  • Slaughter & May
  • Freshfields
  • St Andrews Healthcare
  • Royal Navy
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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Olive Healthcare - Locum Nursing Recruitment Across The UK

Olive Healthcare - Locum Nursing Recruitment
Olive Healthcare have been blessed with no shortage of ambition and drive, they aim to be the best, and here at Zero-One Design we like that. They are a recruitment consultancy supplying locum nurses, covering a variety of disciplines, to private and NHS hospitals, health centres, prisons, MOD and whoever else needs them.

To help them achieve their goals we built a fully responsive recruitment site for them. It has all the bells and whistles they might need, including: web service, mobile compatibility, user friendly interface and links to their social media presence.

Here is an excerpt from the press release we issued on their behalf:

Olive Healthcare has had one aim: to be the No.1 recruiter of top quality locum nurses, to the private sector and NHS, that you will find anywhere in the UK. We believe there is no point competing unless you intend to win, to be the best at what you do. You see, here at Olive Healthcare, we don’t want to be locum nurse recruitment agency – we want to be THE locum nurse recruitment agency!

A lofty ambition? We don’t think so. To win you need a winning team. That’s why we assembled one. We brought together a management team with many years’ worth of combined experience working in the fields of recruitment and medicine. Added to that we have some of the brightest and best recruitment consultants you will find anywhere. We’d consider that a good start.

We’ve built a comprehensive support structure for our nurses. We make sure we are always available to them when they need us for help and career advice. They know we are only ever a phone call away.

Olive Healthcare is a young and ambitious company built by old and experienced heads who know how to get things done. We are already attracting clients from the private healthcare sector, the Prison Service, MOD, care homes, health centres and NHS Health Authorities from all over the UK.

There is a good reason why Olive Healthcare is building such an impressive client list relatively quickly: we rely on our reputation. We are trusted to deliver the highest quality nursing staff whenever and wherever they are needed. We know a staffing shortage can occur at the most inconvenient times; that’s not a problem, our consultants are available 24/7 to meet any kind of shortfall with qualified and experienced nurses ready to step in.

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Accountancy & Commerce recruitment specialists Silcom announce launch of new look redesigned site

Silcom Recruitment- Accountancy & Commerce
Silcom Recruitment specialise in the supply of high quality professionals in finance, accountancy, sales and commerce across a variety of different industry sectors. Operating from their base in Hampshire they have clients across the South and all over the UK.

This job came to Zero-One Design as a referral from another of our clients who were happy to recommend us. Silcom’s existing site wasn’t really up to the task demanded of it from a modern and busy recruitment consultancy so we gave them a new one. It is completely redesigned, upgraded and fully responsive, with everything they might need in terms of functionality to take their business forward.

Here is an excerpt from the press release we issued on their behalf:

Hampshire based Silcom Recruitment operates from the South Coast but provide their services across the UK. They source the highest quality professionals in accountancy and finance, sales and commerce to varied industries, including automotive, technical, engineering, manufacturing and retail sectors.

Considering themselves to be top of this particular pile is no idle boast; just ask the army of professional people who have walked through their doors, got through the stringent interview process and gone on to find the role they dreamed of. What pleases candidates most is the fact that, unlike many other recruitment agencies, they don’t have to chase their consultant; they are kept updated throughout the recruitment journey, from start to finish.

Finding a new job is often a very stressful process. This is why Silcom candidates are so satisfied with the service they receive. The experienced recruitment consultants work hard to ensure the job seeking process is as smooth and as painless as possible. They will walk you through it all, giving sound and honest advice. They will get to know who you are and what you are capable of before finding a job that will match your expectations and your skills and experience; many of the jobs offered are exclusive to Silcom Recruitment. They will help you with your CV, prep you for the big interview and enjoy your success. 

Silcom Recruitment’s success is built on the relationships they have developed with clients over the years, supplying accountancy and finance, sales and commerce professionals across the South and all over the UK. It’s never about a quick fix and filling a vacancy. Each client receives their own dedicated account manager whose job it is to get to know your business; to find out what makes your company tick. This means they know exactly what calibre of candidate to present to you, the sort of professional you demand and the personal qualities, character and skillset they’ll need to succeed working for you.

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Friday, 10 February 2017

Nursing locum agency Beacon Care Services announces launch of new look website

Beacon Care - Healthcare Recruitment
Beacon Care Services is a healthcare recruitment consultancy based in Harrow specialising in Locum Nursing in London and the Home Counties. They boast 15 years’ worth of experience recruiting healthcare professionals and a large database containing the details of over 3000 nurses.

They came to us because their web developer was no longer available to them so they needed a quick turnaround. They wanted the website built within a week, so they selected one of our template layout recruitment systems and it was built within 4 days. The new site is a responsive website and we have also have added new branding to their social media accounts to match their new design.

Here is an excerpt from the press release we issued on their behalf:

According to figures compiled in the report, the NHS has one in ten nursing positions left unfilled. This presents a very real danger to the patients relying on them and further strain on the nurses themselves. The recruitment consultants at London based nursing locum agency Beacon Care Services (BCS) have witnessed first-hand what difficulties hospitals are facing due to a lack of qualified nursing staff. That’s why the team at BCS work hard and does whatever it takes to make sure the gaps are filled with high quality healthcare professionals. 

The team at BCS bring over 15 years’ worth of experience in nursing recruitment to the table, supplying quality nurses to both private and NHS hospitals, community care organisations, the armed forces and forensic and/or secure healthcare establishments. They know a shortage of cover can occur at any time of the day or night, so they are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Wherever or whenever there is a need for top quality, highly qualified nurses, BCS are there.

BCS have a database containing the details of over 3000 healthcare professionals looking for their next posting. Every single one of them has been rigorously vetted by consultants who know the locum recruitment business. 

BCS offer locum positions in the following nursing disciplines: 
  • Theatre 
  • Midwifery
  • General Nursing 
  • Practice Nursing  
  • Psychiatric Nursing
  • Community Nursing
  • Learning Disability Nursing
  • Cancer / Oncology Nursing
  • Other Specialist Nursing including Critical & Urgent Care  

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