Friday, 2 December 2016

Launching HMPJobs - The UK's first Careers Hub for Offender Management and the HM Prison Service.

HMPJobs - Offender Management Jobsboard
We are please to announce the launch of HMPJobs, a new jobs board which is designed to be the first careers hub dedicated to the recruitment of people into Offender Management. This consists of prison officers, prison management and associated support staff across all of the UK prison system.

This jobs board is part of the Blackstone Point group, a longstanding client of ours who also manage a number of jobs boards including Olassjobs and TeachinFE. They approached us as part of an expansion plan to target their next niche market sector, the UK Prison service.

Here is an excerpt from the press release we issued on their behalf:

A career in Offender Management could mean you having the chance to change the course of a person’s life. When that happens, it’s no longer just a job, it’s a vocation.
With the launch of HMPJobs this week, anyone looking for their next career opportunity, or wishing to begin a career in Offender Management, no longer need trawl through countless websites: everything you need is all in one place. HMPJobs works in partnership with UK prisons and is the first Careers Hub of its kind, specialising in promoting Offender Management career opportunities in the Justice sector.
Most of the opportunities offered on HMPJobs are for prison officers, people who dedicate their lives to making a difference. Do you have what it takes to make a difference? Are you firm and assertive yet compassionate and understanding? Are you a good communicator and able to think and act quickly when called upon? Most of all, are you honest and trustworthy, holding yourself accountable to the highest moral standards? 
If the above describes you and you are looking for a challenging yet rewarding career then you should be considering Offender Management. Good pay, a choice of civil service pension schemes and ample opportunity for promotion are just part of the attraction of this exciting career. There are also graduate schemes available enabling graduates to work their way up through the Prison Service.
There are a number of roles you might consider: prison officer, prison management, instructional officer, probation officer, psychologist, tradespeople, support worker or a job in administration or healthcare. Whatever position interests you, it will be as part of a professional and dedicated team whose goal is to help others and perform a service for society.

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Friday, 18 November 2016

Unlocking Potential - Graduate Recruitment in Cornwall & SW - Cornwall Jobsboard
This is the second such project we have undertaken. The other was a graduate recruitment site we constructed for the University of Liverpool about three years ago called, we believe it to be the first of its kind in the country.

In building these sites we have gained a clearer understanding of graduate recruitment including:

  • The employment needs of graduates
  • The graduate recruitment requirements of businesses
  • The revenue generating requirements of universities
  • The careers responsibilities of universities
  • The positive effect on local communities

Now we have these two universities as clients, and excellent working examples of what we are capable of producing, we are planning to offer the same service to other higher education establishments around the UK.

Take a look at to see what they have to offer including:

  • Business start-up support
  • Business development
  • Networking events
  • Mentoring

If your university, and the graduates you produce, are looking for a bespoke jobsboard system to take your careers service to the next level, contact Zero-One Design today.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Zero-One Design Unlocking Potential for University Jobsboard

Unlocking Potential - Cornwall Jobsboard
This week has seen the launch of our latest work; a project we took on, requested by Cornwall College, and called Unlocking Potential. This initiative offers start ups, established SMEs and entrepreneurs in the Cornwall and Southwest region 
Added to this range of first rate services is our graduate recruitment jobsboard, to get them started on their chosen career path. It’s good for graduates and, being self-funding, it’s good for the university.
When Cornwall College conceived of this idea they put it out to tender to all jobsboard suppliers across the UK and beyond. Many of our competitors might have been put off because it was a lengthy process, involving highly detailed demonstrations, discussions and communication. 
We were immediately attracted to the idea and were enthusiastic about supporting their efforts in the South West. They were building something worthwhile for their area and we wanted to be part of it. We presented our system to them; it’s a system we have great confidence in, it’s tried and tested and, over the years, has been subject to constant upgrades and innovation.
Here is an excerpt from the press release we issued on their behalf:
There is careers advice available for students and graduates at their universities. These facilities should not be overlooked as what they offer can mean the difference between future success and being an also-ran on the jobs market. They provide advice and support, relying on many years’ worth of experience gained watching students pass through their halls. The website stands as a bridge between graduates and the world of business and industry. There is help available for those looking to start their own business and a jobsboard for companies looking for the brightest and best universities can produce.
Students and their families spend a great deal of money earning a degree. It can mean many years struggling under the yoke of tremendous debt. For the majority it is worth it as they take their first steps along their chosen career path. For others, all it might take is a helping hand to be the difference between winning and not even entering the race.
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Friday, 28 October 2016

Bluebaring Recruitment Ltd launch their new website for the Industrial Division

Bluebaring Recruitment Ltd
Bluebaring is a young and innovative company that has gone from strength to strength in the industries it serves.They cater for permanent, part-time, full time, temporary and contract requirements and can deliver these nationwide to the construction, commercial, commercial, rail and engineering sectors. Being based on the Thames Gateway they specialise in providing for London, Essex and the Home Counties. They have a dedicated team that can deal with all your requirements.
With over 30 years of experience within recruitment, they have proved that they can provide an industry leading service to clients and candidates and have built many excellent long term business relationships as a result.

They needed an update to their existing site so we put together an example of one of our highly responsive recruitment websites which comes equipped with a Web Service enabling it to receive automated job postings from a remote job posting company. The new site has a cleaner, fresher appearance and is easier to navigate than the old site.

Here is an excerpt from the press release we issued on their behalf:

Bluebaring knows a thing or two about recruitment; they should, their management team boasts over 30 years’ worth of experience finding the right people to suit their clients’ businesses. It is testament to the efforts they put in that many of Bluebaring’s clients have been using their recruitment services for many years. They know that when they need new staff they will be presented with a choice from only the highest quality candidates, all of whom will be interviewed and vetted to ensure they are suited to the role. Bluebaring is continuing its good work with the launch of their new look website this week.
Based on the Thames Gateway, Bluebaring serves London, the Home Counties and the rest of the UK. They offer full time and part time, permanent and temporary, short and long term contract roles across several industry sectors, including white collar, commercial, construction, rail and engineering.
What then is the secret to Bluebaring’s success? Although the consultants employ modern recruitment techniques, everything they do is according to a set of standards that they have always adhered to. These core values are important today as they were when this company was formed, and they are behind everything that they do. They are:
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Reliability
  • Highest quality of service
  • Most cost effective service possible
This means that every candidate that contacts Bluebaring is treated equally and with respect. It means that they won’t be just another statistic on the books and they will be offered roles that suit their particular skillset with excellent employers. It makes a difference.
Adhering to this set of core values makes a difference to how they deal with clients too. It means they only supply talented candidates with the means to make a difference and add an extra ingredient to the existing team. That’s why so many clients have been enthusiastic about the service they receive and have gone on to form long term business relationships with Bluebaring.

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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Australian IT Recruitment Consultancy Oliver Thomas Group celebrates expansion with the opening of UK offices

Oliver Thomas - IT Recruitment
The Oliver Thomas Group is an IT consultancy from Australia that has now opened offices in the UK. This means they have clients offering opportunities for IT professionals on both sides of the world, here in the UK and across Asia Pacific. They are proud to be doing their bit for the advancement of the tech community.
They pride ourselves on the quality of service they offer, coupled with the ability to deliver on project level engagement through to niche requirements.

We have built for them a bespoke, fully responsive recruitment website which uses enhanced graphics and video technology to get ahead in a competitive market.

Here is an excerpt from the press release we issued on their behalf:

Since its inception Oliver Thomas has been at the forefront of helping firms find the very best IT professionals to help propel their businesses into the future. Born in Australia to a British expat father, this industry leading consultancy has headed back to the mother country and has opened another office in Birmingham. Their arrival on UK shores means that the Oliver Thomas Group now has a truly global reach and an unrivalled network of clients in the UK, Europe and right across the Asia Pacific region.
Many of the clients that Oliver Thomas does business with have been with them for some time, some since when the Australia office first opened its doors. They have stayed loyal because they know that the service they receive and the candidates presented to them are second to none. 
The consultants at Oliver Thomas know their stuff. They are highly trained and highly experienced IT recruiters, with an up to the minute grasp of developments in this fast moving and exciting industry. Clients appreciate the hard work and effort the consultants put in; they appreciate the lengths the consultants go to in understanding the culture and team dynamic in their company. Most of all they appreciate the transparency, openness and honesty in the way Oliver Thomas conducts business. This is the way lasting partnerships are formed.
This policy of openness and hard work doesn’t only apply to clients. Candidates enjoy access to networking get-togethers, alumni forums, chances for self-improvement from learning and development courses and all the support they could possibly need. On top of that they have permanent and long/short term contract opportunities to work with some of the most forward thinking and prestigious companies around the world.

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Friday, 14 October 2016

Health & Safety Recruitment Specialists Sarec Ltd Announce Website Launch

Sarec Ltd - Health & Safety Recruitment
Sarec Ltd is a recruitment consultancy that specialises in providing full/part time opportunities on a permanent or short/long term contract for health and safety professionals. They have already built up a sizeable portfolio of clients across several industry sectors.

They were looking for a quick set up of a template start up recruitment website and business. We managed to put the whole thing together for them and get them up and running within 2 weeks; including logo design, responsive and updateable website and we set up their social media pages. 

Here is an excerpt of the press release we issued on their behalf:

Health & safety laws and regulations have been keeping us safe in work ever since the Factories Act 1802, the first health and safety legislation. 
Furthering this good work, and good working practices, Sarec Ltd has this week launched their new recruitment website. Based in Bournemouth and serving the whole UK, Sarec specialises in full and part time opportunities for health and safety advisors, trainees, officers and managers on a permanent basis or on long/short term contract. They offer over 15 years’ worth of recruitment experience and a proven track record of success.
The Sarec team has brought with them an impressive network of contacts, allowing them to quickly build a large portfolio of clients across many industry sectors. These sectors include Construction, Corporate, Occupational Health/Hygiene and Oil & Gas. Having taken advantage of their recruitment expertise clients tend to stay with them, forming lasting relationships and trusting the experienced Sarec consultants to find them the right people with the right qualifications, skills and experience.
Putting the customer first is the most important thing to everyone at Sarec; regardless of whether the customer is a candidate with a background in health and safety looking for the next step on their career path, or a corporate partner looking for talented individuals to add to their staff. Everyone gets treated the same way: with respect, openness and honesty. It is the way Sarec does business.

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Friday, 7 October 2016

Yorkshire Jobsboard - dedicated to employment opportunities in Yorkshire

Yorkshire Jobsboard - Jobs in Yorkshire
We are pleased to announce the launch of the new startup jobs board website for Yorkshire Jobsboard.
Yorkshire Jobsboard is a new venture offering opportunities for employment across the Yorkshire area. They are looking to be the number one jobs board in the county and promote the area as a fantastic place to live and work.
To this end Zero-One Design has provided them with our very latest jobsboard which we have built to be fully responsive and easy to navigate. It includes the obligatory mobile version that no website should be without and integrates with other national jobs boards.

Here is an excerpt from the press release we issued on their behalf:

The management team behind Yorkshire Jobsboard have had enough of waiting for the good times to roll and have decided to take matters into their own hands. They have launched a website solely dedicated to finding quality employment opportunities in the Yorkshire region. Their intention is to attract the best and the brightest from both within Yorkshire and all over the UK to come to work in the county and create their own Northern Powerhouse. It’s big, it’s bold, it’s downright audacious, but it might just work.

Founded in Skipton, North Yorkshire, this new start-up is not afraid to reach high. They intend it to become the number one platform for jobseekers in Yorkshire. It is already attracting interest from local businesses both big and small who, proud of their Yorkshire heritage, are signing up. The database of candidates is already filling up with talented people with qualifications, skills and experience who are looking for a chance to make a difference, both to their own lives, and to the prosperity of their county.

Yorkshire Jobsboard has two fundamental goals:

- To provide a range and depth of quality employment opportunities to candidates across all sectors within Yorkshire
- To provide a focused resource for Yorkshire’s employers, recruiters, and educational institutions to advertise new employment opportunities to an informed candidate pool

The standard package offered to clients is a comprehensive one; it includes a directory listing, a branded client’s landing page, access to our CV database, and unlimited job postings including automatic posting on the Government’s Universal Jobmatch website.

Yorkshire has so much to offer: vibrant cities, friendly towns and some of the most beautiful and picturesque countryside you will find anywhere. There is a wealth of opportunities in every industry sector waiting for the right people; people who share the vision of a brighter future for this great county. 

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