Thursday, 16 June 2016

DANEM People Announce the Launch of Their New Recruitment Website.

Danem People - Technical, Engineering Recruitment Agency, Consultancy UK

 DANEM PEOPLE the a technical and engineering recruitment consultancy launch their new responsive recruitment website
 Since DANEM People came into being it has created quite a splash in the world of recruitment. With offices in Cardiff and London covering the UK and one in Paris that serves the whole of Europe, this technical and engineering recruiter is now building a global presence that is the envy of any competitor. They have been steadily and carefully forming strong partnerships with both clients and candidates in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Americas.
How is that they are able to spread around the world like they have been in such a relatively short amount of time? Simple. The word is out about their professionalism, honesty and transparency in all their business dealings; most of all people are coming to appreciate the fact that they work so very hard at what they do to make sure that what they do is unequalled anywhere, by anyone.
The team that DANEM People has assembled are highly experienced recruitment consultants with strong individual backgrounds in their particular industry. They know what it takes if the candidate is to succeed and they know what sort of people clients need to drive their business forward.
Offering short/long term contracts and permanent placements, DANEM People find the best candidates to work for the best employers offering the best opportunities in the following sectors:
  • Aerospace
  • Building Technologies
  • Business Support
  • Energy: Oil & Gas, Mining & Minerals, Nuclear, Power & Utilities, Renewables
  • Health & Life Sciences
  • Manufacturing
  • Marine & Shipbuilding
  • Rail & Infrastructure
  • Technology
Candidates have been joining a growing database because they are made to feel welcome and appreciated from the moment they get in touch with DANEM People. They get assigned to a dedicated and professional consultant who is determined to get the best out of them, to help them be all they can be, provide all the advice and support they may need throughout the hiring process and beyond and find them a job in technology and engineering that suits their skills and experience.
Clients benefit greatly by using a recruitment consultancy like DANEM People that specialises in their industry sector, rather than a general employment agency, or even recruiting themselves. By partnering with specialists they save time not having to sift through dozens, or perhaps hundreds of applications to find the right one. They save the expense of having to advertise. The recruitment network already in place means an extended search is possible, casting the net wider. It comes down to this: DANEM People know their industry, they know the abilities of their candidates and they know the requirements of their clients. It makes sense to call them.

At Zero-One Design we set to work immediately and within six weeks we had produced a fully responsive recruitment website, created their content for them and designed their company logo, corporate styling and stationery.
This website is a good example of our bespoke recruitment website design systems.

Connies House, Rhymney River Bridge Road, South Glamorgan, Cardiff, CF23 9AF
UK Tel: 0800 014 8278 France: +33(0) 610050078 Email:

No Shortage of Teaching Jobs in London

Teaching Jobs London, Primary Teaching Jobs London

Teaching Jobs in London, the new teacher recruitment Site launches this week.

It has been widely reported in the media that there is a shortage of teachers all over the UK. There are reasons for this: freshly graduated teachers are being enticed away to work abroad and staff leaving their posts to pursue other careers, the scare stories circulated about the kids being uncontrollable, classes becoming too large because of lack of investment in the education system. Whatever you choose to believe, the fact is there are few more rewarding careers to have and no shortage of opportunities to find work as a teacher, especially in London.

A new recruitment website has been launched this week by education recruitment experts who have many years’ worth of accumulated experience working in this field. It is a website that is dedicated to addressing the teacher shortage in the nation’s capital: Teaching Jobs in London.

Being an educator is not like other careers. It is not just a question of getting up in the morning, putting the hours in before coming home. Teaching is more than a job, it is a vocation; it is a calling that, if answered, can be one of the most rewarding and fascinating it is possible to have. Teachers leaving their posts, for whatever reason, are not realising the benefits of what they do; not only for themselves but, more importantly, for the students. They are ignoring the difference they make every day to young peoples’ lives. As a teacher they are feeding enquiring minds, passing on the gift of knowledge, shaping and moulding fellow human beings into productive and responsible adults. Helping them to become valuable members of society is of benefit to everyone. Is that a mission that should be just abandoned?

Teaching Jobs in London takes the time to get to know the teaching professionals who join them. They work hard to find the perfect placement with the schools and academies that they are forming strong and lasting partnerships with. Partners that expect a high level of competency from the candidates presented to them and trust Teaching Jobs in London to find the ideal fit for their teaching vacancy. In turn they are provided with the right sort of teacher; one with not just qualifications to say they are a teacher, but with the drive and passion for the job that will really make a difference.

Most important of all the benefits in following a career in teaching is the job satisfaction. The reason most people become teachers is because they enjoyed what they learned at school and were inspired by their teacher. Isn’t that something special to pass on?

For Teaching Jobs in London this project included the design of their logo and our state of the art, fully responsive recruitment website. It operates a web service and is, of course, fully mobile compatible. There were also a number of bespoke updates applied to this website to adhere to some specific SEO updates that they required. 

It was a pleasure to work alongside Teaching Jobs in London and creating there new fully responsive recruitment website. from the team at Zero One Design we would like to wish Teaching Jobs in London all the best for the future :)

Teaching Jobs in London Ltd -

2nd Floor, 36 Alie Street, London. E1 8DA

Phone: 0207 375 2181 - Email:

Astra Technical Resourcing: More than Just Recruitment

Astra Technical Resourcing, Technical, Technology, Telecoms, Engineering & IT      
Specialist recruitment consultancy Astra Technical Resourcing proud to announce new website launch...

There are a great deal of competing websites on the net set up by recruitment agencies, all vying for the attention of would-be clients looking to fill a limited amount of positions and prospective candidates chasing employment. To stand out from the crowd and get yourself noticed as a recruiter you need to offer a very special level of service. One particular consultancy has stepped up to plate.
Astra Technical Resourcing is a recruitment consultancy specialising in sourcing great staff for great companies in the Engineering, Technology and Telecommunications industry sectors. Based in Crawley, West Sussex and operating across the UK and internationally, ATR has forged partnerships with successful, high flying businesses of all sizes; from small firms with big ideas to huge well-known multinationals, all with one thing in common: they trust ATR to source the very best engineering, technology and telecommunications professionals available. Men and women with the invaluable skills, knowledge and experience to really make a difference to their business, whether it is on a permanent basis or on a short or long term contract.
Astra Technical also offers:
  • Fully compliant and flexible contractor resourcing solutions
  • Permanent Recruitment; UK and International
  • Outsourced Payrolling
  • Project Teams
  • Fixed Price Resource Services
  • Managed Resource Solutions
The thing that sets ATR apart from their competitors is the quality of the team members there. From the management to the consultants, there is a great deal of pedigree and experience on tap. Their CVs show an impressive track record in recruitment and experience of working within the three specialist areas. This background gives them the edge. It means they have a clear understanding of the needs, wants and necessities of both clients and candidates operating in these exciting and fast-moving industries.
For both clients and potential candidates this is important. It is important because it instills confidence. It is always good to know that the person on the other end of the telephone, or sitting across the desk, knows exactly what it is you are talking about.
If you are an employer operating in the engineering, technology or telecommunications industries and you are looking for the very best professionals available, or you are a candidate with the skillset to make a difference and you are looking for the perfect job to match your own ambition, Astra Technical Resourcing is the recruitment specialist you are looking for.

Astra Technical Resourcing is a new client of Zero-One Design and is a very welcome addition to our family. We provided for them a brand new, top of the range, fully responsive recruitment website, along with a new logo and corporate styling for all of their company stationery.

Astra Technical Resourcing Limited -
Unit 66, Basepoint Business Centre, Metcalf Way, Crawley, West Sussex, RH11 7XX
Tel:0203 371 1677 - Email:

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

CRA Group Raises the Recruitment Bar with Launch of New Website

CRA Group launch new recruitment website serving the whole of the Uk
If you are an executive in charge of human resources for your company, or even a small business owner looking to take on some extra staff in order to continue your expansion, you will notice that there is rather a lot of competition in the field of recruitment. So who do you choose? Who do you trust with what could turn out to be a vital decision for your company? The problem is that so many of the agencies have run out of ideas and have just become complacent; they are interested only in the numbers, signing people up and blindly pushing them out to clients. Throw enough at them and one of them will be the ideal candidate, surely?
CRA Group is a recruitment consultancy that goes about things differently. A new company run and staffed by old heads; experienced in their particular industries they are an exceptional team of recruitment consultants who have been brought together to create a market leader. With the launch of their new website this week they are taking another step along the road to that lofty position.
Based in Greater London and providing their expertise to clients the length and breadth of the UK, CRA Group recruit for a wide range of industries in the publicprivate and voluntary sectors. These include:
-Finance, banking and accountancy
-Business administration, management and Human Resources
-Health and social care
Customer services
Engineering and construction
Candidates, who want to take the next step on their career path, can expect tremendous support from their dedicated consultant. It is not just about getting an interview. CRA Group will interview the prospective candidate in depth, finding their hidden depths and bringing them to the fore. Offering a professional CV review, arranging CRB and DBS checks and fully preparing them for the interview is all just part of the service.
Clients can expect the sourcing of the very best candidates available to take up the opportunities on offer. CRA Group takes the time to learn about their clients; understanding not just the industry sector they are in but getting to know the culture of the company. This means that, not only will the candidates presented to the employer have the qualifications, experience and skillset to get the job done, they will have the sort of character and personality to fit into the team with ease.
Whether you are an employer with a vacancy looking for the best people available, or a prospective candidate looking for the best opportunities available, contacting CRA Group looks like the wisest choice you can make.

CRA Group -
43 Lincoln Road, Slade Green, Kent DA8 2DX
Tel: 0203 771 9931 Email:

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Looking for a Graduate/Junior MS SQL Server Database Developer

We have an new and exciting position available now, to join our close knit team, here in Tamworth, the capital of the Kingdom of Mercia! We have a very low turn over of staff so this is a unique opportunity to join our team and to take part in developing new and innovative recruitment systems for companies all over the world!
Below is our full job spec so please send over your CV!
Job Role: Graduate/Junior MS SQL Server Database Developer (MSSQL Server / PHP / HTML5 / CSS3 / jQuery / .NET)
Location: Tamworth (Staffordshire, West Midlands)
Salary: Competitive (Depending on Skill Set)
The successful Database Developer should be able to demonstrate a passion and a desire to learn, with the potential to become responsible for the creation and implementation of a wide variety of Web-based projects using MSSQL Server and be part of our new developments in PHP, JavaScript Frameworks (jQuery) and CCS3.
Zero-One Design Limited are continuously in the process of developing new website technologies in PHP and MS SQL Server. We are looking for an innovative new member to join our team to help develop new projects and continue to support our portfolio of clients. We are a small but extremely busy company with a great reputation and looking for someone that will comfortably fit in with our existing team in a “laid back”, friendly, yet highly focused work environment.  
Key Skills and Responsibilities:
  • Assist in the production of innovative recruitment software and integration services.
  • Take an active role in the development and evolution of a new recruitment database systems as well as maintaining the existing systems.
  • Play a supporting role in the development and evolution of the technical architecture.
  • Provide support to users and maintain deployed software.
  • Work with client and industry personnel, on-site and off-site as and when required.
  • Carry out routine analysis of information, data and/or calculations, identifying issues which require addressing, and presenting results accurately and appropriately.
  • Carry out routine querying and reporting on requested data sets in order to solve problems and posed questions.
  • Provide information, guidance and support to staff.
  • Manage and lead projects within your own area and contribute to all team projects.
  • Carry out routine data extraction procedures and prepare for the accurate transfer of data between recruitment databases and new developments in a timely manner.
Skills we would like:
An understanding of Microsoft Sequel Server (MSSQL), CSS3, JavaScript/jQuery, HTML5 is essential.  Experience with OOP(PHP/.NET C#) and MVC Frameworks, would be desirable.
Nice to have:
In order to support our legacy systems, it would be nice to have a knowledge of ASP Classic / VB Script, XML and experience writing 3rd party API integrations. While experience in this field would be welcome, we will still consider applications from candidates with little experience or graduates, based on their individual key skills.
Job Type:
Permanent, Salary: Competitive Location: Tamworth, Staffs, B797QF Applications by email to
If you wish to forward any CVs, please feel free to send them to the above email address and we will review them, but please don't keep calling our office as the phones tend to start to melt when we post a vacancy! :-)

Kennet Solutions Building a Reputation in the Construction Industry

Construction Jobs & Recruitment, Built Environment Recruitment

Construction industry recruitment specialists Kennet Recruitment Solutions announces the launch of their new website.

The strength of the construction industry has always depended on the financial climate at any given time. It has good times when new building and infrastructure projects are appearing everywhere all at once, and then there are slowdowns where the media are claiming it is all doom and gloom and we should be tightening our belts. The truth is the construction industry never actually stops moving – it still grows, but at different rates depending on the economy. Britain never stops building.
One company helping to drive the UK construction industry forward is Kennet Recruitment Solutions and this week sees the launch of their new website. Based in Reading, Berkshire, Kennet Solutions is a multi-discipline construction specialist recruitment consultancy that has been building a reputation for excellence among the biggest building firms in the UK. They provide experienced and highly skilled professionals for projects of any size, on a freelance short/long term contract or permanent basis.
As their reputation grows, along with their stature among employers, it is yet to match their lofty ambition which is to be the number one partner for the entire UK construction industry. The one recruitment partner that immediately springs to mind when putting together a team for any sort of building project will be Kennet Solutions. If it isn’t then you should be really asking yourself why not! Kennet Recruitment Solution has a database that has been carefully put together containing the names and profiles of a large number of the most talented professionals in:

  • Infrastructure
  • Civil Engineering
  • Rail
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Commercial Projects
  • Residential Projects
Each of these candidates has been properly interviewed and vetted to make sure they have what it takes to become an integral member of the employer’s team. Kennet consultants take the time to get to know the candidates, supporting them along the way, offering the best advice available. In that way they know the best fit for the clients’ requirements and can provide the right personnel to get the job done.
Kennet Solutions has managed to attract the very best recruitment consultants, all of whom have a background in construction including planners and surveyors. Each has experience in one or more of the sectors listed above. Therefore both clients and candidates can have confidence that when they contact Kennet Solutions, the consultant they are talking to knows exactly what they are talking about.

Kennet Solutions approached Zero-One Design and commissioned a fully responsive recruitment website with web service, with mobile compatibility and links to their social media accounts. We purchased their domain name, set up email services and also designed their logo and corporate styling for their stationery. This is a good example of our start up recruitment website services.

For a career in the Construction Industry and for  opportunities for permanent employment and for freelancers on short or long term contracts visit Kennet Recruitment Solutions

Kennet Recruitment Solutions -

Kennet Recruitment Solutions Ltd, Atlantic House, Imperial Way, Reading, RG2 0TD
T: (0)118 987 4557 - E:

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Global Golf Industry Jobsboard Announces Website Launch

Golfing Jobs, Recruitment, Golf Recruitment, Jobs in Golf - FindaGolfCareer   

Find a Golf Career at – It’s More Than Just a Game

  It is broadly estimated that around the world there are something like 60 million golfers who play regularly. In the UK alone there are reckoned to be around 4 million – this is a seriously popular sport!

To enable this great mass of people get the chance to enjoy their favourite pastime, a whole industry works away behind the scenes making it happen. A truly massive infrastructure exists; imagine just one golf club and the staff needed to keep things running smoothly: executives steering the ship, sales and marketing people on the commercial side of things, grounds staff keeping the courses pristine, the club shop, catering staff, bar staff, cleaners…

The industry is not just restricted to golf clubs and resorts either; there are also apparel and equipment manufacturers, the travel industry and retail outlets all over the world. The opportunities for taking up a career in the golf industry are immense, wide and varied. is a new site run by veterans and fans of this great and thoroughly addictive sport. There is a truly breath-taking array of jobs on offer for anyone with experience of working in the golf industry and want to further their career, in the UK and worldwide; opportunities for those who have valuable experience in other industry sectors and wish to offer their skills to the golf industry; or young people just starting out who believe they have something the industry needs.

The company is based in Edinburgh; where else would it be? Scotland is, after all, the home of Golf. The history of golf is synonymous with Scotland - the game was first recorded being played there in the 15th Century. Since then many famous Scottish courses have come into being: Carnoustie, Royal Troon, Gleneagles, Balcomie and Muirfield are obvious examples. None are more famous than The Old Course at St Andrews where golf has been played since before 1574 and has become the pilgrimage that golfers around the world dream of making at least once.

PG Wodehouse once wrote: “To find a man’s true character, play golf with him.” For so many who swing a wood or iron, hoping to hear and feel that perfect connection, golf is so much more than just a game. For many it is the one thing they can enjoy being bad at. who commissioned from us a new jobs board dedicated to the recruitment of people to work in the golf industry. This is not just restricted to openings in golf clubs and resorts; it also includes such as apparel and equipment manufacturers, the travel industry and retail outlets. Basically any company that contributes to the huge industry that revolves around the sport of golf, in the UK and around the world, can advertise their vacancies on this site.

The project involves our latest jobs board with mobile compatibility and e-commerce via PayPal. It also included a logo design and corporate styling.

It has been a pleasure working alongside Find a Golf Career and creating them this accessible Jobs Board, dedicated to the golf Industry. We wish them every bit of success for the future :)

Are you are looking for a career in the golf industry? Or are you Golf Resorts, Clubs, Equipment Brands & Manufacturers, Apparel Companies looking to recruit? Register with Findagolfcareer and they will meet your needs. -
Edinburgh, Scotland -