Friday, 19 May 2017

Specialists in Macro and Multi-Asset Executive Search Laz Partners launch new recruitment website

Laz Partners - Macro & Multi Asset Executive Search Recruitment 
Laz Partners is a recruitment and executive search consultancy based in London that concentrates on top-down macro-focused and multi-asset roles including strategists, economists, analysts, CIOs and Portfolio Managers for some of the most recognisable investment firms in The City. 

In their quest to become the most influential recruiter in their sector, we helped them on their way with our latest recruitment site, logo and stationery design and hosting

Here is an excerpt from the press release we issued on their behalf:

The world of high finance is the fiercest competition of all and, as in all competitions, there are winners and losers. It is not for the faint of heart. It is a race to the top and for every one person who makes it there are a hundred left in their wake. The only way to win this race is by assembling the best team; a team with the foresight to see what is coming, the wisdom to interpret it correctly and the courage to act upon it.

To form such a team you need some very talented and experienced individuals and to assemble these individuals you need a recruitment firm with consultants who know how to pick a winner. You need Laz Partners. Based in Baker Street, London, Laz Partners is the new recruitment and executive search consultancy that The City has been talking about recently. It was founded by Alex Lazardis, a man with impeccable credentials and a strong background, both in macroeconomics and recruitment. The team of consultants that he brought together also share a similar background with a working knowledge of how the financial world operates and an experienced eye to spot the best talent.

Laz Partners concentrate almost exclusively on the top-down macro-focused and multi-asset space, with clients including hedge funds, sovereign wealth funds, asset managers and family offices complimenting their existing teams with fresh and hungry strategists, economists, analysts, CIOs and PMs. Interested clients are already pleased to have signed up as they see the rewards of taking on the best and brightest, sourced by Laz Partners. 

Prospective candidates are eager to join the large and growing database because they recognise their chances of landing their dream job with some of the biggest names in The City. If they have what it takes to see the big picture in terms of the economy, and what it takes to know when and where to make the winning move, Laz Partners will offer the support they need to make it all the way to the top table.

Global economic uncertainty and the approach of Brexit present challenges certainly, but they also present incredible opportunities. Investment firms are looking for people who can not only appreciate the machine, but who can recognise the individual components that make it run smoothly. If that is you then it is time you took your career to the next level with employers who properly reward talent like yours.

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Thursday, 18 May 2017

Chase Taylor celebrate launch of new look fenestration recruitment website

Chase Taylor - Fenestration Recruitment
Chase Taylor is a specialist recruitment consultancy that serves the Fenestration Industry. They source the very best architects, builders, glass and frame manufacturing professionals and window & door fitters across the UK and internationally. They take time to understand the most exacting needs of their clients and use expertise and industry knowledge to find the right candidates, at all levels, including their dedicated Executive Recruitment function.

The new site that we have built for them is the third generation of company recruitment website that they have had. It is secure, fully responsive, and easy to navigate. It has a clean, fresh yet professional appearance and is easily capable of handling the demands paced upon it.

Here is an excerpt from the press release we issued on their behalf:

Cannock based Chase Taylor is the leading recruitment specialist for the Fenestration Industry, offering positions for architects, builders, glass and frame manufacturing jobs and window & door fitters across the UK and internationally. Their clients and professionals working in the industry, who owe their present position to the hard work, dedication and industry expertise of Chase Taylor consultants, would agree: there is no other recruitment agency they would turn to now they have experienced the exceptional service provided by Chase Taylor.

The consultants at Chase Taylor are all highly experienced having spent years in recruitment and often in the fenestration industry itself in some capacity. They know their business and that breeds confidence in those they deal with.

As a prospective candidate you will find your dedicated Chase Taylor consultant will go to great lengths to match and exceed the level of support that is expected of an industry-leading recruiter. Finding a new job can be time consuming and stressful but you find your consultant next to you throughout the recruitment process, every step of the way. Communication is an important part of the process and your consultant is available from 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week if you need them and they will keep you updated on developments at all times. Chase Taylor provide a confidential recruitment service, so if you don’t want your present employer to know you are applying for other jobs it’s okay because they’ll submit your applications for you.

The Chase Taylor team know that the needs of each client are different, that’s why they offer a tailor-made service to meet each client’s requirements. They know that it takes more than just qualifications and experience to make the perfect fit. You need someone who will not only be able to fulfil the tasks set them, but someone who will complement your existing team and help drive you forward. Chase Taylor has an extensive database with the details and feedback on thousands of highly skilled, highly experienced and highly motivated fenestration professionals from all industry disciplines and, by getting to know your company’s culture, they will find the suitable candidate for your team.

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Leading UK IT recruiter Initialize announce new look website launch

Initialize - IT Recruitment Agency
Initialize is an IT recruitment consultancy based in London. They have over 30 years of experience successfully matching the best IT candidates to clients ranging from SMEs to multinationals across a range of industries. 

Their ageing website didn’t reflect their image and could no longer cope with the demands of a modern, industry leading recruiter and so they turned to Zero-One Design for an upgrade. Their new website is fast and responsive and has a fresher look. It features the latest SSL/Security updates and is more SEO friendly.

Here is an excerpt from the press release we issued on their behalf:

Initialize is one of the leading IT recruitment agencies in the UK over the last 3 decades. You could say that Initialize and information technology in this country have grown up together. They have, in this time, grown to become one of the most influential and respected voices in their industry.

Based in London they have built a reputation for excellence and exceptional levels of service among a wide range companies – from SMEs to multinational corporations – across all industry sectors, both at home and around the world. They offer the highest quality candidates on a permanent or long/short term contract basis, specialising in:

  • Development
  • UX/Digital
  • Cloud
  • Infrastructure
  • Networking
  • Senior Appointments

The consultants at Initialize are recognised experts in their particular field and have at least 5 years’ worth of IT recruitment experience too. Each client will be assigned their own account manager, always available when needed, and the services of a resource team. They take the time to get to know the clients, building lasting relationships. Using this insight into the inner workings of their clients’ firms they can choose the most suitable candidate for any role that presents itself.

Only the highest quality candidates will make the grade anyway, but it is about more than skills and qualifications: it is about the quality of their personality and character that is the most important factor in deciding who would fit in best with the existing culture of the client’s firm. Clients appreciate that level of attention to detail and know what calibre of person to expect when they ask Initialize to fill a position on their team.

Candidates, if they make it through the intensive screening process that everyone who comes through the door has to get past in order to be considered for a posting, will receive the highest levels of support available from their dedicated consultant. Whatever they need to take the next step in their career will be provided as the consultant walks them through the recruitment process.

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Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Anthoney Consulting launch their new construction, property & civil engineering recruitment website

Anthoney Consulting - Construction, Property, Civil Engineering Recruitment
Anthoney Consulting is a recruitment and HR consultancy based just outside Lausanne, Switzerland. They specialise in recruitment for the Construction, property and civil engineering industries and from their base in the heart of Europe they enjoy a global reach with a worldwide network of consultants.
As a start-up enterprise we kitted them out with everything they will need to take them forward including logo, corporate branding and stationery design, along with a fast, powerful and efficient fully responsive recruitment website.

Here is an excerpt from the press release we issued on their behalf:

Based just outside Lausanne, Switzerland, Anthoney Consulting has positioned itself right at the very heart of Europe. From there they enjoy a truly global reach with a consultancy network that stretches around the world. It is a recruitment consultancy that specialises in sourcing the very best professionals for the construction, property and civil engineering industries

The secret to the instant impact they have had in this competitive arena is the down to the management team, with over 20 years’ worth of experience in global talent acquisition, bringing together a group of highly experienced and successful recruitment consultants who know their industry. The bonus came when these consultants brought their satisfied clients with them.

Anthoney Consulting is building a well-deserved reputation for excellence and locating those hard-to-find construction, property and civil engineering industry experts. Really, they’re not that hard to find if you have the experience to know where to look! Once in play these top professionals can really make a difference to a company’s future.

Apart from their obvious talents as recruiters, Anthoney Consulting’s services don’t end when they deliver the perfect candidate. They offer a comprehensive range of HR support services too. These include expertise in international staff mobility, staffing of major projects, compensation and benefits, and more besides. Whatever you need to get a major project off the ground, Anthoney Consulting are there to help.

Candidates considering their next career move in construction, property or civil engineering should consider the recruitment services offered by Anthoney Consulting

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Thursday, 11 May 2017

Agent 74 announce the launch of their new look website

Agent 74 - Optical Equipment & Sports Accessories
Announcing the launch of the new look eCommerce website for Agent 74, specialising in optical equipment and sports accessories.

Agent 74 is a company based in Ireland that has made their name selling an excellent range of outdoor sporting and optical equipment. After many years building a reputation for great customer service their popularity is now such that they needed to update and upgrade their website. We designed and built a fully responsive eCommerce site that looks the part, is easily navigable and allows the customer a smooth shopping experience.

Here is an excerpt from the press release we issued on their behalf:

Every weekend a great many of us head out into the countryside to go hunting, birdwatching or just walking. Ireland offers some of the wildest, most diverse and, indeed, most beautiful countryside that you’ll find anywhere, teeming with wildlife and natural wonders.

Many of us take part in water sports like kayaking or rowing on our rivers, or go sailing taking advantage of our lakes or rugged and spectacular coastline. Did you know that Ireland has over 120 sailing clubs including what is believed to be the world’s oldest - the Royal Cork Yacht Club, established in Cobh in 1720?

One of the great traditional pastimes is the Sport of Kings. Horse racing has been enjoyed and gambled on since the horse was first domesticated by nomadic tribes on the Central Asian Steppe and it remains as popular today as it undoubtedly was back then.

Whatever your favourite pastime, if you are serious about your outdoor pursuits then chances are you’ve already heard of Agent 74.

Agent 74 is one of the leading retailers of hunting, shooting, sporting and optical equipment in the country. For years they have been providing the best available kit for outdoor and racing enthusiasts all over Ireland and the UK and this week, due to growing popularity, they have decided it is time to upgrade their website to meet the demand placed upon it.

Along with hunting, shooting, horse racing and sporting accessories Agent 74 has a wide range of binoculars to meet any requirement and budget. You will find sports optics, night vision equipment, rifle scopes, bipods and marine binoculars and equipment. As well as the right hardware, you will find just about anything you may need to complete your outdoor styling too: hats, silk ties and tie-clips/pins, hip flasks, leather goods, walking sticks and much, much more. Whether it’s walking the hills or a day at the races, it’s always better to do it in style.

As leading specialists in the supply of optical equipment, Agent 74 doesn’t just stock binoculars. If the subject of your viewing pleasure is somewhat more distant you will find an excellent range of telescopes to suit your needs. From beginners to experts, you will find what you need for stargazing and mapping the galaxy.

Whatever your mission, visit Agent 74 and make sure you are properly equipped.

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Friday, 21 April 2017

Elevate Pharma - Life Science Recruitment Specialists

Elevate Pharma - Life Science Recruitment
We are pleased to announce the launch of the new fully responsive recruitment website for Elevate Pharma. They are a specialist recruitment consultancy that concentrates exclusively on the Life Sciences Industry. Based in Nottingham they have the reach to recruit for global concerns. Although they are a new company, they have brought together a very experienced team who know their sectors inside out. For a company that intends to dominate its market they needed to field the very latest and most efficient, fast and fully responsive recruitment site. Who else would they call but Zero-One Design

Here is an excerpt from the press release we issued on their behalf:

Elevate Pharma is based in the East Midlands city of Nottingham and operates across the whole of the UK and internationally, with a client list that includes some of the biggest names in Life Sciences. In a relatively short space of time they have become the preferred supplier of clinical professionals to CRO’s, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Medical Communications companies all over the world. With the team they have assembled it was a certainty that they would soon settle in at the heart of the industry.

Candidates appreciate the fact that when they talk to their consultant it is a dialogue with someone who has a deep understanding of exactly what they are talking about. The consultants are sector specific so they have a finger on the pulse of their industry at all times, enabling them to offer necessary advice and support when needed. Candidates who are actively seeking a career move or are simply considering their next step in Life Sciences are offered all the tools they need to make it happen.

Clients of Elevate Pharma appreciate the lengths that are gone to in order to learn their business culture. This is an approach that is standard procedure at Elevate Pharma. Clients won’t be buried under a deluge of random CVs. By getting to know their clients the consultants use their networks of Life Sciences professionals, accessing some of the most talented individuals around.   Through these channels coupled with their extensive databases, they find the perfect match for the opportunity offered. Attention to detail is what separates Elevate Pharma from the rest.

Elevate Pharma is a young company formed by a group of highly experienced Life Sciences Industry insiders. They have a management team who have worked in the life sciences and pharmaceutical industry over a considerable period of time and have long-standing relationships with the people who matter.   They understand the needs of both their clients and their candidates which is a solid platform on which to build.
Add to the mix a group of consultants who know the industry and have many years’ worth of recruitment experience between them, you have a recruitment consultancy that is respected throughout its sector. 

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Thursday, 23 March 2017

Payments & Cards Network - Financial Technology Recruitment Jobs Board

Payments & Cards Network - FinTech Recruitment
Announcing the launch of the new high performance, responsive jobs board website for Payments & Cards Network. They specialise in executive search in the payments sector, with a multinational presence and a client list that reads like a corporate who’s who.

To maintain their position as industry leaders they needed a high performance website that could keep up with the demands put on it by tens of thousands of daily users, something their two previous sites couldn’t do. We re-designed and re-built the websites so that they are fully responsive and also quick and easy to manage. It is linked to their online database system with the details of over 75,000 candidates.

Here is an excerpt from the press release we issued on their behalf:

Formed in 2006, PCN has grown and expanded to have a truly global reach. Along with the head office in London, they also have offices in Hong Kong, Amsterdam and Cape Town. As the world’s leading specialists in executive search and recruitment for the payments industry, they have provided the highest quality professionals for management and executive positions for over a decade. We’re talking an average of over 90 placements per year with an unequalled 92% retention rate. They are doing something right!

It is not just about their success in recruitment though; it truly is an extensive network with over 30,000 industry professionals contributing to daily discussions and up to the minute industry-specific news. On top of that there are to be found over 75,000 industry professionals registered on the PCN global database. That’s why they set the pace and others struggle to even keep up.

You might be wondering what the secret to their success is? It is no secret really; it simply comes down to getting to know your candidate: their strengths and weaknesses, their ambition and drive. It’s about getting to know your clients: what they aim to achieve and what it will take to get them there, their existing team and what ingredients will add the little bit of extra flavour needed to succeed. After that it comes down to finding the perfect match between candidate and client and putting them in the same room.

The team at PCN work hard to develop and maintain close relationships with their clients, offering the best service they can and ensuring that clients are impressed enough to keep coming back whenever and wherever the need arises. Who are these clients? It might be quicker and easier to list who isn’t a client. Some of the most recognisable corporate powerhouses turn to PCN for professionals in Payments, eCommerce, Alternative Payments, Blockchain/Crypto, Merchant Services, Fin-Tech, Risk/Fraud and Security.

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