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We are now getting as many enquiries from overseas companies as it is from the UK.

Since we began operations in the year 2000, Zero-One Design have been building a solid reputation for excellence in the recruitment websites we produce for our customers. We have made many friends and formed fruitful partnerships with like-minded companies when we ran our hugely popular Launchpad competition. Our reputation hasn’t arrived by chance though; we’ve worked hard to build it over the years. We have designed and built a range of responsive and fully updateable websites for our clients; staying at the cutting edge of this fast-moving and exciting industry. For example, did you know we were one of the first companies to start making our sites mobile compatible as standard? We have embraced innovation and combined it with our own ideas to give our clients access to the latest technology, at affordable prices.
As well as business websites designed purely for advertising purposes and customer engagement, we have created e-commerce sites selling multiple product ranges. We offer new logo design for the site and for all company stationery and advertising. Our speciality though, if we had to choose just one, would be our recruitment websites. They have proven immensely popular for clients moving into this lucrative business, and for many, already well-established recruitment consultancies, that realised their old website was simply no longer fit for purpose.
After making a name for ourselves around the UK, it seems our reputation is starting to spread a little further afield. We have been attracting rather a lot of interest from a great number of new clients from all over the world. We have been getting requests for multi-lingual websites across Europe; we have taken and fulfilled orders from recruiters in the United States, who insist the services we offer are simply not available to them locally. One of the areas that we have been getting many clients from just recently is in the Middle East; especially the Gulf nations. Recruitment agencies from Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain… We have been getting new orders coming in all the time, from many other countries across the globe too; we have never been so busy! Of course, we’re not complaining.
One new service that we offer is attracting many clients, that of content creation. It’s one thing to have a website built, it is another thing entirely to fill it with the sort of engaging content required to attract and retain customers. Many business owners find it difficult to find the time to write their own – they have a company to run. Many simply aren’t sure where to start. At first we outsourced our content creation to a professional copywriter but, as it became clear this would be a popular service, and we were getting more and more enquiries asking for help with content marketing, we decided to employ a copywriter and do it all in-house. Now all of our clients can take advantage of this superb service.
Our marketing, forward thinking, customer service and drive for excellence has served us well as word about Zero-One Design has spread globally.
The internet, it seems, has been successful in bringing all the peoples of the world closer together; as someone once said: “It is a small world, but I wouldn’t want to paint it!” Yet no matter how popular we become, and how much work we take on, we will never forget what brought us here. We will never compromise on the standards of service we offer to our clients; no matter where they come to us from.
A selection of some of our overseas clients are as follows:

USA - Crewfiles
France - Yacht Chefs
Luxembourg - KR Recruitment
The Caribbean - Caribbean Jobs
Ghana - Hired Capital
Singapore - Asia Caterer
Saudi Arabia - Aran Nursing Jobs
Malaysia - Global Talent

We have a large number of projects in development at the moment also from different countries from all over the world. If you are looking for recruitment website or jobs board design services, then we can help you - wherever you are!
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