Ampersand Education Announces the Launch of Their New Website

Ampersand Education Addresses Growing Class Sizes in London.

We are pleased to inform you on the new website launch of a Teacher recruitment agency Ampersand Education. They announced the launch of their new website as pupil to teacher ratio grows.
All over the UK class sizes are growing as the young population expands. In some areas so-called ‘Titan’ primary schools are being built to combat the problem (although, admittedly, the use of words like ‘combat’ and ‘problem’ may seem a little harsh when discussing the educational needs of our children!). With a baby boom going on all over the country, and immigration on the rise, the younger members of the population are more growing numerous and the numbers are increasing. Now, more than ever before, it is important to recruit the best teaching professionals to make sure no child gets left behind.
London based Ampersand Education is determined take up that challenge and to fill the breach. This week they are announcing the launch of their new website, dedicated to the recruitment and supply of top quality temporary and permanent teachers and support staff for schools across the South East; set up with the help of Orchard Joint Ventures, the recruitment joint venture capital group. They have a team of experienced and dedicated education recruitment consultants sharing many years of experience helping schools and teachers find each other in London and around the South East region.
Ampersand Education understands the need for Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) trained teachers and nursery staff, at this critical early juncture of a child’s life. It sets a firm foundation on which can be built a solid educational experience and proper development and socialisation.
They ensure that the staff they recruit for Early Years Centres and Nursery schools are well-trained and experienced in EYFS teaching.
For primary schools all over London and the South East, Ampersand Education offer to place teachers, teaching assistants, Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) teachers, administrators and all the support staff a modern primary school might need to function smoothly. So too with secondary schools; Ampersand’s recruitment consultants work tirelessly to find the best teaching staff and education professionals possible. This includes learning support mentors, technicians, librarians, admin staff and exam invigilators. As well as filling senior positions including Head Teachers, Deputies and Nursery managers. At all levels of modern education, for both state schools and private schools, Ampersand has it covered. All staff are of course DBS checked and vetted to the highest standard.
There are also consultants available who specialise in the recruitment of overseas teachers, with dedicated support for professional educators from Ireland, USA, Canada and Australia. Anyone joining our Overseas Teacher Pool has a guaranteed contract so they will be paid whether or not they are actually working. The levels of support they receive are second to none; with help finding long-term accommodation and opening a bank account. Their "welcome to London" pack, including a map, travel card and mobile phone with pre-loaded credit will hopefully make the transition for overseas teachers easier.
From Zero-One Design Limited we would like to wish Ampersand Education a bright future and that their  recruitment website and mobile version brings them great success :) 

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