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OLASS Jobs announces new website launch specialising solely in recruitment for the Offender Learning Sector. 

With their new website launching this week OLASSjobs.co.uk is providing opportunities for people from many different backgrounds, and various experience and skillsets, to help offenders find a new direction in their lives.
With recidivism rates rising across the UK it is more important than ever to have a proper system of rehabilitation in place. Far too many offenders have been left behind by the traditional education system; many have difficult backgrounds and may have been deprived from some of the life chances we take for granted. When they commit a crime and are locked away in prison as punishment, it makes absolutely no sense to simply cast them back out onto the streets and expect them to have learned their lesson. It is possible that they have little or no formal education, no workplace experience and, now, a criminal record. Who is going to employ them? What is going to prevent them from reoffending? It is certainly not fear of society’s revenge: prison is no longer a deterrent when you have nowhere else to go!
If the skills necessary to break the cycle of reoffending are offered to them, they can make something of themselves and give back to society in a positive way. OLASS (Offenders Learning and Skills Service) has been working towards that goal since it underwent trials in the North West, North East and South West from September 2005; after initial success in these areas it was rolled out nationally in July 2006.
OLASSjobs.co.uk is a recruitment website for people interested in a career in offender education. It has a state of the art jobs board, provided by industry pioneers Zero One Design, which offers opportunities to people from many different backgrounds and with various experience and life skills to share.
It is important that the provision of service is focussed on the needs of the individual rather than any providers’ agenda. Classroom activities are therefore tailored accordingly. This gives the training provider much more flexibility within the classroom than the national curriculum allows in state education. The teacher will have smaller groups and the freedom to devise and arrange classes that engage positively with the students.
There are challenging yet fulfilling roles to be had working with offenders who might be looking to learn a trade, or finish their education. There are positions teaching vocational subjects, functional skills, customer service and retail skills, fitness instruction, business, employability skills and much more. 

At Zero One Design We feel this jobs board is a great opportunity giving Offenders the support to better themselves and find the right career path. It has been a pleasure working with OLASS Jobs and would like to wish them a bright and successful future. 

 At Zertop of the range jobs board to assist them in offering a wide range of teacher/trainer opportunities. W
OLASS Jobs - www.olassjobs.co.uk
OLASS Jobs, 3000 Cathedral Hill, Guildford, Surrey, GU2 7YB
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