Richard Cooper & Company launch their new re-designed retail website

Richard Cooper & Company, Warwickshire
We are pleased to announce the launch of the new look re-designed website for Richard Cooper & Company. They are based in Warwickshire and specialise in the design, creation and manufacture of fine art sculptures and collectables.
They have been a client of Zero-One design for many years and previously had 2 large websites which were beginning to slow down and had a lack of mobile compatibility. We have combined both websites to give them a fully responsive retail website, targeting both areas of their business.

Here is an excerpt from the web release we issued on their behalf:

Artists throughout the ages have taken on the greatest examination of their skill: to capture not just the image of an animal, but its grace, its movement, its very essence. Bringing a living creature to life in their art, whichever medium they favour working in, must surely be the sternest test of all.

Yet this is the test taken by the sculptors whose art is found on the new website launched this week by Richard Cooper & Company. They specialise in the design, creation and manufacture of fine art sculptures and collectables in a variety of mediums. Previously two sites: Richard Cooper Bronze and Richard Cooper Studio, they have merged to become one and show off the works of these most talented artisans. If capturing life in art is the greatest skill then it is a skill mastered and displayed here.

Richard Cooper Bronze concentrates on sculptures of animals, nature and countryside pursuits cast in bronze using the lost wax casting method. This involves creating a work of art, usually in wax, then making a mould around it. The wax is melted and replaced by molten bronze in this case, but it can be gold, silver or any other suitable metal. The figures are then finished in the traditional way of patination, where various acids are fired into the surface of the sculpture to create layers of beautiful rich colours. This method of casting has been in use for thousands of years. The earliest examples were discovered in the Cave of the Treasure in Southern Israel, which were dated to over 5700 years old.

Richard Cooper Studios also offers fine art sculptures made in bone china, nickel plated resin, cold cast bronze and hand-painted cold cast bronze. Again you’ll find the subjects faithfully recreated to mimic life and suggest movement; a lovingly recreated celebration of the wonders of nature.

Check out the downloadable catalogues on their website which allow you to purchase and admire these tremendous works of art.

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