Career Volunteer launch new Responsive Jobs Board website

Introducing the re-branded fully responsive website for Career Volunteer based in London.

Their mission is to enhance the skills, talents and energy of people around the world, connecting with organisations in civil society best able to utilise them and creating a lasting, sustainable impact.

Career Volunteer, jobs board, London.
This is the second website we have developed for Career Volunteer which allows candidates and clients to use the website fully on a mobile device, including full account management.
They wanted to update their website to better promote their full range of services.

Here is an excerpt from the press release we issued on their behalf:

Career Volunteer has set out on a mission to bring the two worlds of charities and corporations together for the benefit of both. It is a bold ambition but one that is tipped to reap great rewards for each party and mark a new beginning in their mutual relationship.
Make no mistake, this is not the charities holding out their hands for whatever falls from the corporate table, this is two equal partners linking arms and striding forward. They have so much to offer each other what is being presented here is a fantastic opportunity for them to learn from each other and grow together.
Using the SMaRT programme (Senior Managers Recruited as Trustees), Career Volunteer aim to recruit senior, board level executives to act as trustees for charities; sharing years of experience in crucial decision-making and product or service delivery. They also run programmes for expert volunteers and mentors, matching them with opportunities presented in the not-for-profit sector both in the UK and internationally. On top of that there is a jobs board facility that enables charities to advertise available roles; whether it is as a Trustee, expert volunteer, mentor or executive board member.
This means that the charities can benefit from the expertise, energy and fresh insight brought by the volunteers lending their time and support, without having to pay for expensive consultancy.
The companies benefit from this relationship because their up and coming executives get learning and networking opportunities that may not have been available to them. They learn about effecting change through influence and persuasion, not just supervision. Most of all they grow as individuals and have the pleasure of seeing their projects come to fruition, with the sense of satisfaction that making a difference to peoples’ lives can bring.
Importantly, for the companies involved, the opportunity presents itself to gather intelligence at street level, helping them in their future strategy for product or service delivery and, of course, there is also the fulfilment of their corporate social responsibilities.
Now that Career Volunteer has built the bridge, the private and not-for-profit sectors can meet in the middle and shake hands. If you haven’t done it yet, contact Career Volunteer today and find out how the relationship  between the profit and not-for-profit sectors have so much to offer each other, and how your organisation can benefit.

We wish them luck in this great venture.

If you would like to know more about our fully responsive jobs boards please get in touch.

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