HIA Legal launch their new Legal and Compliance Recruitment Website.

HIA Legal, Legal & Compliance Recruitment. London
HIA Legal, based in London, is a specialist legal and compliance recruitment firm. The foundation of the firm is built on a solid base of experience among the consultants and management team in both law and recruitment.
They are partnered with www.intech7.com and www.huntenergygroup.com and are part of an expansion. They have put together an experienced team of lawyers and recruitment experts and are already attracting the attention of law firms big and small.
As a new company just starting out, we designed their logo and corporate branding along with our latest fully responsive recruitment website. It is fully mobile compatible and user friendly.

From small private practises to multi-national firms and the so-called ‘Magic Circle’ of legal powerhouses, HIA Legal is already attracting both attention and requests for their services from a wide variety of law firms. This should come as no surprise when you consider the consultants’ long history in the legal profession and solid reputations for honesty and straight talking.
HIA Legal offers a full and bespoke recruitment service for lawyers looking for their next career move in the legal profession. Candidates want for nothing in their quest for career success. The service offered includes:

  • reviewing your CV
  • providing advice as to relevant roles 
  • supporting and promoting you to potential employers
  • assisting with interview preparation
  • negotiating terms on your behalf
  • providing support to ensure a smooth transition into your new role.

With a strong background in the legal and recruitment world, there are no questions that will go unanswered; no stones will remain unturned in order to help candidates take their next step in the law career.

Whether they are looking for permanent, short term or fixed term contract lawyers, clients from law firms of all shapes and sizes, from all aspects of the legal system are already talking to HIA Legal; building lasting relationships, making them their preferred recruitment partner. When practises consider hiring prospective lawyers, they expect them to be of a certain standard. They expect them to possess the right qualifications obviously; they expect the candidate to have the necessary experience, unless they are newly graduated. More than that, though, they are looking for that certain something: the character, the temperament, the personality to fit in with the prevailing culture at the firm. HIA Legal understands that.

If you are interested in our services and start-up recruitment website design, please get in touch.
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