Oil & Gas Executive Recruitment from Voss Recruitment in Houston, Texas

Voss Recruitment, Oil & Gas Recruitment, Houston Texas
We're pleased to announce the launch of a new website for Voss Recruitment, who are a specialist Oil and Gas recruiter based in Houston, Texas in the US.

Modern communications technology has made it possible for companies around the world to reach out to us, recognising the quality of our work and perhaps having been disappointed with the results of work carried out by website design firms they might have tried who are closer to them geographically.

The site that was built for them previously was not fit for purpose; there was no effort put into search engine optimisation and it lacked mobile compatibility, something that we regard as a basic requirement for every site we build.

It also helped that their owner was a scouser!

We designed their fully responsive website for them!

Here is an excerpt from the press release we issued on their behalf:

Voss Recruitment has spent years providing opportunities graduates to take their first step and for top professionals to further their career in the energy industry across the entire continent of North America. Now Voss has taken their game to another level with the launch this week of their new, reimagined, state of the art recruitment website.

Voss fields an elite team of consultants with a strong background in recruitment and a deep understanding of the energy business accumulated over many years. There are, it seems, no questions that arise that the team hasn’t answered and nobody of any consequence in the industry that they don’t know. There is also no facet of the industry that they don’t have up to the minute knowledge of. They have grown to become an integral part of North American energy discovery, extraction and transportation.

They have nurtured relationships with big name clients who have stuck with Voss Recruitment since the company was first founded. They keep coming back whenever there is a need for new staff. There are reasons for this. Firstly, the clients know that Voss has experienced recruitment consultants who know how to pick a winner. Secondly, they know that Voss doesn’t just pick out names randomly from those available on their large database; they have an executive search team with an enviable track record in finding the very best talent in the business, from junior executive to boardroom level. When a candidate is presented, the client can be assured that they are perfectly suited to the job on offer. Thirdly, they appreciate how Voss management and consultants work to a strict set of core values that has served them well over the years:

  • Honesty and transparency
  • Good communication
  • Fairness
  • Respect

Candidates also appreciate the fundamentals of the way Voss does business. They know that the recruitment consultants are there to support them whenever they are needed. They know that the consultants will advise them, prepare them and ultimately help them to shine in their interview.

Voss recruitment is successful because both clients and candidates know they can trust them to make the right decisions on their behalf, every time.

We wish them the best for the future and if you are interested in our services and our responsive recruitment website design services, please get in touch.

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