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Global Talent Recruitment
Malaysia based Global Talent Recruitment has today announced the launch of their new Medical Recruitment Website. Originating initially from Saudi Arabia the company will focus on the recruitment of Nurses, Doctors and Medical Personnel for this territory.

Through the years Saudi Arabia has witnessed an increase in the recruitment business, particularly the Healthcare Professionals sector, Global Talent aims to use this trend as it is continuing to become more and more popular.

Over the past 20 years Saudi Arabia has seen a huge increase in the recruitment of international Healthcare professionals and it appears that this trend and current demand looks set to continue.

Apart from the obvious tax-free earnings and the ability to save substantial amounts of money what else is driving Medical professionals to highly covet this distinct Career path?

This year Saudi Arabia celebrates its 80th year in creation; a Kingdom for which, although still in its infancy is steeped in History and Wealth.  It’s a country of contrasts, embracing the modern world in the latest architecture, healthcare and economic development, but still intensely passionate and respectful of its cultural and religious roots. Along with its forward-thinking approach to the countries growth visitors also often mention the ‘mystique’ they feel Saudi Arabia has and how people seem to gravitate to its sublime yet slightly indefinable character.

From a professional level Doctors and Nurses feel like they are consistently learning and improving on their skill sets and abilities. For example; the diseases may be very different to what they are used to treating back in their homelands, their patients and colleagues come from different cultures and countries and of course the obvious language barriers that they face daily. The flip side, however to the somewhat testing work environment is that Nurses, Doctors and Medical Personnel are awarded a lot of free time; something many will not be used to at all. This enables them to become fully integrated within their community.

One is never short of things to do in Saudi. You could take up Tennis, learn to play bridge, participate in a local theatre group, or even join a choir or band?  Saudi Arabia will capture your creative imagination and probably inspire you to do things you never would have dreamed of, evoking a sense of spiritual growth to anyone with a taste for adventure.

Global Talent are looking to recruit confident, optimistic self-starters with an intellectual curiosity and urge to Travel. Choosing to partner with businesses and professionals alike they work hard to identify and meet the human resource and career development needs of both, collaborating with institutions to achieve the best possible results and provide the best available opportunities.

Their new website, designed by leading recruitment website design experts ‘Zero-One Design Ltd’ allows Candidates to receive instant job alerts via email and SMS. Along with this up to date feature the website is also fully responsive.

Global Talent will be recruiting Doctors, Nurse and Medical Personnel from Malaysia for placements in Saudi Arabia.

To view the website or if you are interested in working in Saudi Arabia please go to and register.

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