International Recruitment Agency Visa Inn Launch a New Branch

Nextboss Careers
UK immigration specialist, Visa Inn has today announced the launch of a new international recruitment arm to their existing business. The announcement also sees the launch of a new recruitment website and mobile website with bespoke functionality for their agency Nextboss Careers.

Immigrant specialists Allan and Violet Van, launch a new branch to their existing business Nextboss Careers, the directors are excited about their new venture, with over 24 years of experience to share and help others. 

Husband and wife Directors Allan and Violet Van As migrated to the UK almost 28 years ago under ancestral routes and their own experiences led to a keen interest and for Allan the decision to study immigration law in the UK.

Following the completion of a LL.B.Hons degree Allan and his wife Violet Van As started their immigration practice, and two decades later have never looked back.

The couple have assisted hundreds of clients successfully navigate the gamut of UK Immigration rules, and Allan has built up a deep experience representing complex cases before the First Tier and Upper Tier tribunal.

In the past two years political changes and pressures have seen a shift in immigration, with the Government opening its arms to international talent, seeing it as a way of boosting the UK Economy and assisting UK industry to stay at the forefront of technical advancement. 

Typically most traditional recruitment companies are not set up to deal with applicants requiring visas, or the formalities if companies need to register for Tier 2 / Tier 5 licenses and so therefore the recruitment extension of their business and their expertise felt like a natural progression to their business.

The couple felt that in order to fill the gap in the market for an international recruitment and immigration specialist firm, Nextboss can offer UK Companies a one stop shop from company licensing through to recruitment, inter company transfers and visa  processing of applicants within Tier 2 and Tier 5, providing a  full in-house recruitment and immigration service package.

The website and adjoining static mobile website were designed and built by Zero-One Design and the process also consisted of the design of the Nextboss business logo. The website comes with bespoke features which allows for candidate promotion and searching functionality.

With the Directors having over 24 years of experience within UK Immigration and a detailed knowledge of international recruitment their new venture and future success within the market place is undoubtedly conceivable.

Visit: and see for yourself.

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