My Work Experience Week With Zero-One Design!

For the past few years my school has been running work experience for students in Year 10, so this year it was my turn to choose a company to work with for the week.

As I wasn’t sure about what I would like to do as a career in the future, it was slightly difficult to pick a placement. Taking art at school, and working with computers a lot, I decided to ask Zero-One Design Ltd for a placement; they said yes!

I enjoyed the experience thoroughly, and was given lots of interesting tasks, including a trip to London. At the start of the week I was given the task of carrying out the yearly mailbox audit; I also had the chance to help brainstorm ideas for logo designs for new companies such as Qsted, wish was very fun as I enjoy design work. On the Tuesday, I collected together ten theatre news stories to be uploaded to a website, and later in the day worked on finding images for a company based in Norway looking for sports icons and background images.

My Trip to London
The middle of the week, Wednesday, I was taken to London on the train by Steven, after the train being a bit late, we met with clients wanting add to their existing website, this was interesting to see and I learnt lots about how business meetings take place! After the meeting Steven and I went sightseeing, as I had not been to London in a long time is was fun to see Buckingham Palace, Parliament, Big Ben and the London Eye as well as visiting Trafalgar Square and Covent Garden. I loved visiting London for the day, and enjoyed the whole experience, even though we were both very tired at the end!

The following day after meeting with the clients in London, I put together some images for their website, and added new sectors to a website and well as testing a new website, Jobs In Pubs, which had been set live on the day.

My last day was Friday, where I got to add Stories to Zero-One Design’s blog and was given the task of writing my own blog post!

I learnt a great amount about the industry Zero-One Design works in, including Jobs Boards and start up Recruitment websites and the amount of time that logo designing takes, as I hadn’t looked into it before, so the experience was really interesting, but enjoyable!

I have thoroughly enjoyed my work experience week with Zero-One Design, and would like to thank Steven and everyone else who helped me throughout the week; I really loved working here and am very grateful, thank you very much!

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