London based graduate recruitment site celebrates launch

MyBrink - Graduate Recruitment Agency
Here at Zero-One Design we build a great many recruitment sites and jobs boards, having pioneered online recruitment website design for many years now. We recognise and appreciate when a company does something different and offers another kind of service.  That’s why we enjoyed designing so much. They offer an online meeting place that allows students and graduates to market themselves effectively, a place where they can find, and be found by, employers who want to market themselves to potential recruits.

To take on this task we provided a fully responsive, attractive and easily navigable website with all the latest functionality they might need to help this great venture succeed.
Best of luck to them from all of us!

Here is an excerpt from the press release we issued on their behalf:

Wouldn’t it be easier if an employer and a candidate had an idea about what the other party is actually like beforehand? New graduate recruitment website is about to revolutionise the whole recruitment process with an online meeting place where businesses and students/graduates can find out about each other in an informal setting.

London-based start-up mybrink came out following the frustrations experienced by its founders when they graduated and found the existing traditional employment channels – the jobsboard and CV – didn’t allow them to stand out from an ever growing crowd. There are so many with the same qualifications that it is hard to show your personal worth, your personality and character. How do you make yourself heard amongst so many clamouring voices? It is a problem for employers too; the CV, in its limited format, cannot hope to show what candidates are really like.

With mybrink you can make yourself heard. It is an online talent marketplace where students and graduates can show off their skills and companies can show off what makes them the ideal employer. Then, to misquote Kipling: the twain shall meet!

Student and graduates can create an online profile, upload their CV and add to it as they progress. They can also upload samples of their work, blogs and portfolios. They can also search and apply for jobs with the sort of blue chip employers they dream of working for. It is a learning space with expert tips and mini guides and they can keep updated with the latest blog posts and emails. Best of all it’s free for students.

Employers can created their own branded profile page detailing the sort of work they do, their vision for the company’s future, the roles they have available and the benefits to be had by working for them. They can unlock student and graduate profiles to find the perfect candidate and they can contact and interact with the people they think most suitable.

If you are interested in our services and fully responsive start-up recruitment website design packages, please get in touch.
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