Agent 74 announce the launch of their new look website

Agent 74 - Optical Equipment & Sports Accessories
Announcing the launch of the new look eCommerce website for Agent 74, specialising in optical equipment and sports accessories.

Agent 74 is a company based in Ireland that has made their name selling an excellent range of outdoor sporting and optical equipment. After many years building a reputation for great customer service their popularity is now such that they needed to update and upgrade their website. We designed and built a fully responsive eCommerce site that looks the part, is easily navigable and allows the customer a smooth shopping experience.

Here is an excerpt from the press release we issued on their behalf:

Every weekend a great many of us head out into the countryside to go hunting, birdwatching or just walking. Ireland offers some of the wildest, most diverse and, indeed, most beautiful countryside that you’ll find anywhere, teeming with wildlife and natural wonders.

Many of us take part in water sports like kayaking or rowing on our rivers, or go sailing taking advantage of our lakes or rugged and spectacular coastline. Did you know that Ireland has over 120 sailing clubs including what is believed to be the world’s oldest - the Royal Cork Yacht Club, established in Cobh in 1720?

One of the great traditional pastimes is the Sport of Kings. Horse racing has been enjoyed and gambled on since the horse was first domesticated by nomadic tribes on the Central Asian Steppe and it remains as popular today as it undoubtedly was back then.

Whatever your favourite pastime, if you are serious about your outdoor pursuits then chances are you’ve already heard of Agent 74.

Agent 74 is one of the leading retailers of hunting, shooting, sporting and optical equipment in the country. For years they have been providing the best available kit for outdoor and racing enthusiasts all over Ireland and the UK and this week, due to growing popularity, they have decided it is time to upgrade their website to meet the demand placed upon it.

Along with hunting, shooting, horse racing and sporting accessories Agent 74 has a wide range of binoculars to meet any requirement and budget. You will find sports optics, night vision equipment, rifle scopes, bipods and marine binoculars and equipment. As well as the right hardware, you will find just about anything you may need to complete your outdoor styling too: hats, silk ties and tie-clips/pins, hip flasks, leather goods, walking sticks and much, much more. Whether it’s walking the hills or a day at the races, it’s always better to do it in style.

As leading specialists in the supply of optical equipment, Agent 74 doesn’t just stock binoculars. If the subject of your viewing pleasure is somewhat more distant you will find an excellent range of telescopes to suit your needs. From beginners to experts, you will find what you need for stargazing and mapping the galaxy.

Whatever your mission, visit Agent 74 and make sure you are properly equipped.

If you are interested in our services and fully responsive eCommerce website design packages, please get in touch.

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