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ReMedi HR launch new wesbite, showcasing amazing opportunities for Medical Professionals in the Middle East.

In recent years there has been a noticeable change in the field of medicine across the Gulf region in particular and the Middle East as a whole. At one time people from the area would go abroad for medical procedures to be carried out at Western hospitals. In a relatively sudden wind change, not only are well off Arabs staying at home for treatment, foreigners are heading for the region as medical tourism becomes the latest boom industry.
The reason for this medical tourism boom is the massive levels of investment going into the building of hospitals and medical treatment centres across the Middle East. In countries such as Qatar, Saudi Arabia and especially in the United Arab Emirates they can now boast some of the most advanced, state of the art facilities in the world. The opening of these first class facilities means a raft of opportunities opening up for first class medical professionals to staff them. The team at ReMedi HR has made it their mission to ensure the best doctors and nurses from around the world are recruited to fill these posts.
Based in Dubai, ReMedi HR has a team of dedicated professional consultants with backgrounds in medicine, recruitment and, indeed, medical recruitment. This accumulated experience means that ReMedi HR has the tools to ensure they find the right candidate for the right job.
It is important to get to know a client’s business, culture and values, to understand their needs in order to satisfy them. ReMedi HR goes that extra mile for their clients. They build a relationship with them based on trust; their clients trust them to find a candidate that is the perfect fit for the available role.
Candidates enjoy working with ReMedi HR because they appreciate the level of support offered to them. They will have a few hoops to jump through in order to get the necessary licences to work in Dubai and other Gulf states, for example: Dubai Health Authority (DHA) Credentialing and Licensing, Dubai Healthcare City Credentialing and licensing (DHCC), Ministry of Health Licensing Credentialing and licensing (MOH) and Health Authority of Abu Dhabi Licensing Credentialing and licensing (HAAD). All of this paperwork may seem daunting but the recruitment consultants at ReMedi HR will walk the candidate through every stage of the application process.
Getting it right first time, every time means that staff turnover is reduced; the client is happy because they have someone who has the talent and experience to make a real difference and the candidate is happy because all their career requirements have been met and exceeded.
ReMedi HR is a new medical recruitment company with big ambition and to help them in this endeavour we have equipped them with a new, fully responsive recruitment website. To go with it we have worked with them to design their logo and corporate styling, plus the set up of their social media pages and initial search engine optimisation.
Good luck ReMedi HR from the Zero-One Design Team :)

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