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Contract, Vendor, Supplier Management Jobs from CVS Management Jobs

CVS Management Jobs launch new jobs board,
specialising in the recruitment of post-signature contract management professionals, offering jobs in contract management, vendor management, supplier relationship management and all roles related to supplier management

CVS Management Jobs are jobs board that sees itself as a little different to the rest. There are some jobs boards out there that recruit the people to negotiate with vendors on behalf of their employers, aiming to get the best deal possible. Yet after the ink dries on the paper, what then? CVS specialise in the recruitment of the people who make sure the relationship between the buyer and the supplier continues to run smoothly throughout the life of the contract and remains beneficial to both parties.
Based in the UK, but operating alongside employers worldwide, CVS Management Jobs is the first jobs board to concentrate on this niche, yet nevertheless vital, area of contract management.
The problem is there is far too much emphasis on the earlier stages of the contract lifecycle – negotiation and procurement – while the actual post-signature management of the contract is largely ignored. These things should never be left to take care of themselves. Sudden and unforeseen jolts to the market can range from disruptive to painful, but they will be noticed and reacted to. More subtle changes over time are very often less noticeable. Market conditions can become less favourable, for both buyer and supplier, further down the line. After all, conditions in the marketplace today cannot be expected to be the same in five or ten years’ time. It is important therefore that the buyer/supplier relationship is monitored efficiently and managed effectively.
CVS Management Jobs provide opportunities for professionals with a background in contract management, vendor management, supplier relationship management and all roles related to post-signature contract management. The team of recruitment consultants that have been brought together to achieve this end are second to none, all with an impressive background in this field and many years’ worth of accumulated experience in recruitment to call on.
Bridges have been built and strong relationships formed with a long and growing list of first rate clients, from small businesses to multinational corporate giants. All of them appreciate the honest and open way CVS do business.
Candidates can expect tremendous amounts of support on their journey into a new role, changing jobs shouldn’t be stressful, it is the beginning of a new chapter in their lives. CVS Management Jobs consultants have the experience to help make the transition to the candidates’ next role in post-signature contract management a smooth one.

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