Finance Jobs UK Launch New Jobs Board

Finance, Banking and Accounting jobs board

Finance Jobs UK announces launch of new jobs board,
operating in the finance and accountancy industry.

Many experts in the world of finance are warning us there is financial change on the horizon in 2016, one that may dwarf the circumstances of 2008. With China’s growth slowing, the price of oil heading ever downwards, shares sliding and other dark portents revealing themselves, economic soothsayers are telling everyone who will listen to sell sell sell and run for cover; it’s going to be a “challenging”.
If there is to be a major change, or even just a minor uncomfortable squall, companies both large and small will need people at the helm to steer them safely through. They need people in finance and accounting with the knowledge and experience to help their firm through the choppiest of waters. That’s where Finance Jobs UK comes in. Although a fairly young company, they have assembled a team of older heads who know their way around the financial industry. They field a team of experienced and seasoned professionals with a background in recruiting finance and accountancy staff.
Finance Jobs UK offers temporary, interim and permanent positions with jobs for Accountants, Analysts, Financial Controllers, Finance Managers, Finance Directors, and Chief Financial Officers and more across many industries including FTSE 100, practice and public sector.
In the short time that Finance Jobs UK has been operating it is already building strong relationships in the financial sector. With a large and growing database of finance and accounting professionals, from small practices to multinational corporations, their clients know they can turn to Finance Jobs UK to fill their roles with some of the best in the business.
Candidates can submit their CVs for consideration by potential employers, among which rank some of the biggest names in the financial world. Yet it goes further than that. Finance Jobs UK offer an unprecedented level of support to their candidates. They look upon their relationship as one of a business partnership. They work hard to match candidates with the job in finance or accounting that suits their skills, qualifications and experience the most and, more importantly, a job that meets all their expectations.

At Zero-One Design we designed, developed and helped them launch their new venture, using our internationally renowned jobsboard system, which brings in the latest vacancies from other jobsboards around the UK and Ireland, using the JobG8 integration service. The jobs advertised on their site are also automatically posted to Universal Jobmatch, the  UK government’s jobsboard. 

We would like to wish Finance Jobs UK the very best for the future and believe their website will be a great success :)

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