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Tamworth based Zero-One Design, are recruitment website design specialists who design, build and develop a range of recruitment websites, start up recruitment websites and jobs board systems. Even in the current climate, many recruitment companies around the world have been looking to expand their services and to develop their online recruitment services.

Zero-One Design Limited is pleased to announce that this has resulted in a big increase in overseas enquiries and have secured a number of new clients from around the world. The following is just a number of their new clients from around the world: Australia, Singapore and Ghana.
Steven Day from Zero-One said " We have an excellent search engine position for the most of our key words and phrases, so we are found quickly when any recruitment company searches for our knid of services. Our global portfolio also lets people know that we can deal with companies around the world. We also have a client portal where all designs, work tickets and sample systems are accessible, so it doesn't really matter that we are based in the UK and some of our clients are based the other side of the world"
Visit and see for yourself.
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