Mobile Recruitment Demand Outstripping Supply

Mobile recruitment website technology has been available from website design companies like Zero-One Design for more than a year, and with a growing interest in mobile browsing by jobseekers, why aren’t recruitment firms keeping up?

Mobile recruitment is ever so slowly catching on. Every recruitment agency needs a website, that’s a given, but with the unprecedented forward strides in mobile technology coupled with changing browsing habits, they need to consider their mobile strategy with a view to including a mobile compatible version of their site.

Technology seems to be perpetually gathering pace, remember the home computer is only a fairly recent invention yet the PC is already outdated with powerful laptops being far more convenient and taking up less space. It doesn’t end there as laptops are too cumbersome to carry around; netbooks are lighter and are sufficiently powered enough for business trips or to take on holiday. Netbooks in turn are being replaced by Smartphones and Tablets which it seems are improved upon month-on-month. Where will it end? 3G implants?

In January, on his blog Recruiting Future, Matt Alder insisted that 2011 was not going to be the year for mobile recruitment to take off, but he added: “…I believe that not only is recruitment going to go mobile but also that the job seekers out there are already demanding it.” His claim is reinforced by statistics: online recruiting research lab Potentialpark conducted a survey of 30,000 job seekers around the world and analysed the mobile recruitment presence of more than 350 top employers in the U.S., Europe and Asia; they found 19% of job seekers use their mobile phones and tablets for career-related purposes, add to that 50% admitted that they could imagine doing so, the problem is that a mere 7% of employers have a mobile compatible jobs board and only 3% have a mobile job app. (Source: Mashable)

Research has also shown that mobile jobseekers prefer the following functionality when using a mobile recruitment website:
  • Job Search
  • Job Alert Registration
  • Application Status
  • Information on the Recruitment Process
  • CV & Application Tips
  • Contact Details of Company
  • Events/News Calendar
  • Share Page/Site
  • Share through Social Media
At the recent Mobile and Video in Recruitment Conference 2011 the following facts were revealed: Out of the 48 Million mobile phone users in the UK, over 23 Million use them to browse the internet, browsing is growing by 20% every year and 2 Million people use mobile phones to search for jobs. These are high numbers and every recruitment professional should sit up and take note of them; the demand is there, it’s time to supply.

According to Steve Day, CEO of Zero-One Design, a website design company who have been at the forefront of mobile recruitment technology development, “Recruiters need to take note of the demand for mobile recruitment websites and keep abreast of the change in browsing habits if they are to tap this vital and growing market.”

Zero-One Design spotted the potential in the mobile compatible recruitment website over a year ago, yet it is taking a while for recruiters to fully realise the importance of applying this technology. 2011 may not be the year of mobile recruitment but next year…?

Check out their growing mobile recruitment website portfolio.

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