Hedge Fund Managers Remain Confident Despite Drop

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Here is an exerpt from their press release:

Despite the crisis in the Eurozone there is still an air of optimism for Hedge Fund Managers and investors, who continue to allocate their assets in hedge funds.
So the Eurozone’s sores continue to fester. The fresh hope of a couple of days ago, when the European Central Bank announced further measures to prop up the Euro with a pot of bailout cash containing somewhere in the region of £900bn, has settled back into a slump.
That figure was supposed to be including an injection of £90bn from China, a deal which has not materialised, following talks between Klaus Regling, the head of the European Financial Stability Facility, and Beijing.
A deal such as this might not have been advisable anyway, China would have insisted on some quite stringent conditions, including an agreement for European silence over China’s continuing devaluation of its own currency to boost exports. A particular bone of contention, both for Europe and the United States.
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