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Teaching Jobs in London, the new teacher recruitment Site launches this week.

It has been widely reported in the media that there is a shortage of teachers all over the UK. There are reasons for this: freshly graduated teachers are being enticed away to work abroad and staff leaving their posts to pursue other careers, the scare stories circulated about the kids being uncontrollable, classes becoming too large because of lack of investment in the education system. Whatever you choose to believe, the fact is there are few more rewarding careers to have and no shortage of opportunities to find work as a teacher, especially in London.

A new recruitment website has been launched this week by education recruitment experts who have many years’ worth of accumulated experience working in this field. It is a website that is dedicated to addressing the teacher shortage in the nation’s capital: Teaching Jobs in London.

Being an educator is not like other careers. It is not just a question of getting up in the morning, putting the hours in before coming home. Teaching is more than a job, it is a vocation; it is a calling that, if answered, can be one of the most rewarding and fascinating it is possible to have. Teachers leaving their posts, for whatever reason, are not realising the benefits of what they do; not only for themselves but, more importantly, for the students. They are ignoring the difference they make every day to young peoples’ lives. As a teacher they are feeding enquiring minds, passing on the gift of knowledge, shaping and moulding fellow human beings into productive and responsible adults. Helping them to become valuable members of society is of benefit to everyone. Is that a mission that should be just abandoned?

Teaching Jobs in London takes the time to get to know the teaching professionals who join them. They work hard to find the perfect placement with the schools and academies that they are forming strong and lasting partnerships with. Partners that expect a high level of competency from the candidates presented to them and trust Teaching Jobs in London to find the ideal fit for their teaching vacancy. In turn they are provided with the right sort of teacher; one with not just qualifications to say they are a teacher, but with the drive and passion for the job that will really make a difference.

Most important of all the benefits in following a career in teaching is the job satisfaction. The reason most people become teachers is because they enjoyed what they learned at school and were inspired by their teacher. Isn’t that something special to pass on?

For Teaching Jobs in London this project included the design of their logo and our state of the art, fully responsive recruitment website. It operates a web service and is, of course, fully mobile compatible. There were also a number of bespoke updates applied to this website to adhere to some specific SEO updates that they required. 

It was a pleasure to work alongside Teaching Jobs in London and creating there new fully responsive recruitment website. from the team at Zero One Design we would like to wish Teaching Jobs in London all the best for the future :)

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