CRA Group Raises the Recruitment Bar with Launch of New Website

CRA Group launch new recruitment website serving the whole of the Uk
If you are an executive in charge of human resources for your company, or even a small business owner looking to take on some extra staff in order to continue your expansion, you will notice that there is rather a lot of competition in the field of recruitment. So who do you choose? Who do you trust with what could turn out to be a vital decision for your company? The problem is that so many of the agencies have run out of ideas and have just become complacent; they are interested only in the numbers, signing people up and blindly pushing them out to clients. Throw enough at them and one of them will be the ideal candidate, surely?
CRA Group is a recruitment consultancy that goes about things differently. A new company run and staffed by old heads; experienced in their particular industries they are an exceptional team of recruitment consultants who have been brought together to create a market leader. With the launch of their new website this week they are taking another step along the road to that lofty position.
Based in Greater London and providing their expertise to clients the length and breadth of the UK, CRA Group recruit for a wide range of industries in the publicprivate and voluntary sectors. These include:
-Finance, banking and accountancy
-Business administration, management and Human Resources
-Health and social care
Customer services
Engineering and construction
Candidates, who want to take the next step on their career path, can expect tremendous support from their dedicated consultant. It is not just about getting an interview. CRA Group will interview the prospective candidate in depth, finding their hidden depths and bringing them to the fore. Offering a professional CV review, arranging CRB and DBS checks and fully preparing them for the interview is all just part of the service.
Clients can expect the sourcing of the very best candidates available to take up the opportunities on offer. CRA Group takes the time to learn about their clients; understanding not just the industry sector they are in but getting to know the culture of the company. This means that, not only will the candidates presented to the employer have the qualifications, experience and skillset to get the job done, they will have the sort of character and personality to fit into the team with ease.
Whether you are an employer with a vacancy looking for the best people available, or a prospective candidate looking for the best opportunities available, contacting CRA Group looks like the wisest choice you can make.

CRA Group -
43 Lincoln Road, Slade Green, Kent DA8 2DX
Tel: 0203 771 9931 Email:

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