Retail and Fashion Jobs Launches

After contacting us in late October 2014, it's good to see Retail and Fashion Jobs being launched and also receiving a decent amount of applications, albeit in it's first week of activity!

Retail and Fashion Jobs Logo Ideas
This was a good project to work on as it started with a friendly negotiation process - they got a discount and we got more work! In all seriousness, the guys at Retail and Fashion jobs knew exactly what they wanted, having all worked in the retail industry at some time. They knew the look and feel of their logo, the colour schemes and they also had a good idea as to how they wanted the layout to appear. Precise, prompt feedback and confident decision making,  goes a long, long way!

The logo and branding were created fairly quickly, even though it had to include handbags and other "shopping" style icons. We then had to think about the social media sites that it will appear on and how those colours were transferred from the logo to the website iteslf.

The final logo was finalised and then we koved on to the sample designs.

What we also had to cater for when we were designing the sample designs, was that the site was being integrated with incoming job posting companies, such as Broadbean and Jobmate and jobs weree also being posted out to the Government's jobs board, Universal Jobmatch, so it had to look nice, but we had to remember that it was still a technical jobs board.

Original Design Samples
Once the samples were confirmed, we could then start the building of the website, which was finished, ready for content in January on this year. We could then start work on some bespoke elements of this jobs board, including a bespoke landing page update where the guys at Retail and Fashion Jobs could create lots of bespoke client landing pages. We had to enhance the client area a great deal, so they could create as many landing pages as they wanted to, but could also still add pictures and make each landing page look different to the others. It took a bit of time getting that right! Here is one landing page we created for C2 Recruitment.

We're pleased to say that went well and the final changes needed before launching were all related to the external XML feeds that go from the website to third party systems, including the main feed to Universal Jobmatch, which started to generate applications on the day it was activated.

Anyway, all we can do now is to wish the guys good luck for the future and we will keep you updated as to their progress!

Visit Retail and Fashion Jobs to see for yourself.

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