Retail and Fashion Jobs Launch Press Release

Retail and Fashion Jobs Launches
Retail and Fashion Jobs
We also put together a nice little press release for the guys (and gals) at Retail and Fashion Jobs, which we are currently sending out to various places and our own social media.

What was interesting, when you have to put a different hat on to research a new subject, is the sheer size of both industry sectors in terms of employment and turnover...they're huuuuuge!!

Here are some snippets;

"..the value of the UK fashion industry to the UK economy in 2014 was £26 billion; up from £21 billion in 2009 and showing an increase of 22%..."

"...UK fashion’s total contribution as a whole to the UK economy is now estimated to have risen to over £46 billion, an increase of 23% since 2009..."

"...UK fashion industry is also estimated to support over 790,000 jobs..."

"...Wholesale and retail trade contributed 16% of the UK economic output and 16% of employment in the UK in 2012..."

"... In 2012, the turnover in the UK was estimated to be £150 Billion..."

"...over 4 million people were thought to be employed in the industry..."

Here is the rest of their launch press release, which we will be sending out to a number of trade magazines and recruitment magazines. - Retail and Fashion Jobs Press Release.
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