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Midlands Watches specialise in buying and selling genuine vintage and pre-owned luxury watches. They offer fantastic savings on the most prestigious brands of precision timepieces in the world. When it comes to luxury watches there is no other name that conjures up the same magic as Rolex. 

Rolex is a name that people the world over recognise instantly, a brand that has become synonymous with style and success; it projects an image of someone who knows what they want and have the means to achieve it. It is a luxury brand that is up there with names such as Rolls Royce and Bentley.

Looking back at the history of this iconic brand, many could be forgiven for thinking it is a Swiss company, belonging to a nation that prides itself on its timepieces but, although that’s where it can be found today, Rolex did not begin its life there.

The History of Rolex  In 1905 German watchmaker Hans Wilsdorf moved to London after serving his apprenticeship and learning his trade in Switzerland. Along with his brother-in-law Alfred Davis, founded Wilsdorf and Davis. They imported Hermann Aegler's Swiss movements and coupled them with watch cases of the highest quality. These were sold on to jewellers who put their own names on the dials. The earliest Wilsdorf and Davis wristwatches had the letters W&D stamped inside the case to identify them.

The origins of the name Rolex have been debated ever since it was registered as a trademark in 1908 and as the company name in 1915. Some say it is taken from the French horlogerie exquise, translated as "exquisite clockwork", others would argue it is more likely shortened from "horological excellence", still others would say it was given the name by Wilsdorf because that is the sound of a watch being wound. Also it is easy to pronounce in any language which helps an international brand, looked symmetrical and was small enough to fit on a watch face.

After the end of the First World War, Rolex packed up and moved to Geneva, already having established a Swiss office eleven years previously. They had to leave due to the wartime tax levies on luxury goods and the high price of gold and silver at that time which made staying in Britain impractical.

During the Second World War it should be noted that captured RAF pilots, who had swapped their inferior standard issue watches for the more reliable Rolex, had their watches confiscated by their captors. Upon hearing this Wilsdorf, a German himself you will remember, pledged to replace every watch that had been taken from Allied prisoners of war, refusing to take payment until the war was over. This also helped to establish Rolex as a leading brand in the United States.

World Leaders  Rolex has continually been at the forefront of wristwatch innovation, including: the first waterproof watch, the first that was waterproof to 100 metres, the first to automatically change its date, the first to automatically change its day and date, the first to show two time zones at once and the first wristwatch to earn chronometer certification from the Kew Observatory.

Pre-owned Rolex watches are sought after because they remain reliable, valuable, timeless timepieces to treasure. Midland Watches is proud to have a wide selection of some of the finest watches ever made. All have been lovingly returned to the condition they were in on the day they left the factory by our watch repair experts and come with authenticity papers and presentation box.

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