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                     The Skies Were Never the Limit for Breitling.

Midlands Watches buys and sells top quality pre-owned genuine luxury watches. When you buy a timepiece from Midlands Watches you can be assured that you are investing in one of the finest precision made watches in the world, and there aren’t many that can equal the precision and reliability of Breitling.

Breitling have a tradition that they can be proud of for being manufacturers of the finest wrist chronographs. It remains one of the very few major watchmakers to design and manufacture their own mechanical chronograph movement in-house at their workshops, and the only major brand to include chronometer certified movements in every watch they produce.

Precision and Reliability

Breitling is an independent family owned Swiss watchmaker that traces its roots back to 1884 when the founder – Leon Breitling – started building precise scientific instruments of measurement. Opening his first factory in 1892, he made timers for science, sport and industry that quickly made an impression with their precision.

In 1914 Leon Breitling left his business in the capable hands of his son Gaston. At this time wristwatches were gaining popularity over pocket watches and Breitling introduced one of the first ever wrist worn chronographs which was every bit as precise and reliable as the first instruments produced by his father. 


In 1915 Breitling gave the world the first pushpiece independent from the crown: to start, stop and reset the timer. A few years later the reset was separated from the start/stop pushpiece and could be operated by depressing the crown. This was a leap forward because it meant that the wearer could perform several timing operations, one after another without having to reset after each.

Adding to this innovation in 1934 and continuing the Breitling family tradition, Willy Breitling, the grandson of Leon, gave the chronometer its now familiar appearance with the introduction of the second independent pushpiece. This design feature was quickly picked up and copied by other watchmakers.

Another first for the Breitling brand was the introduction in 1969 of the world’s first self-winding chronograph movement, the Calibre 11.

Taking to the Air

Aviators need precision instruments as an aid to navigation and Breitling has always been the preferred choice of airmen. From the original pocket chronometers, to wrist worn chronometers, to inclusion to instrument panels; Breitling is a name that is trusted throughout the aviation industry, hence the Breitling wings in the company logo.

An innovation that was widely welcomed and became hugely successful amongst pilots was the 1952 unveiling of the famous Navitimer which introduced the circular sliderule.

In 1979 Ernest Schneider took over the reins but, despite this change at the top, Breitling continues its long standing tradition of producing the highest possible quality timepieces. Not just moving with the times but steering them, Breitling became world leaders in the manufacture of electronic watches too. 

Quality Assured 

Significantly, since 1999 Breitling are the only major watchmaking firm to have every single one of their movements stringently tested by COSC (The Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute). This meant a major investment by the company, completely revamping its production and testing procedures. The current head of the company, Theodore Schneider, is determined that the reputation for precision and reliability that Breitling has built upon for over a century continues, setting their own bar in quality and accurate timekeeping.

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