Richard Cooper for fiqurative Wildlife

A new website has bee created for Richard Cooper and Company, who create stunning an unique sculptures. The website features their entire product range and each figure is displayed featuring a detailed and attractive image.

The website is also fully updateable and features a full product database. Visitors to the website may enquire about each product, prior to ordering it. The website was designed by Zero-One Design Limited.

Products range from the flamboyant figurative work of Landanski, through to the detailed wildlife studies of Michael Simpson. All bronzes are produced using the lost wax method. Each bronze is decorated and finished either using traditional patinas or by hand painting with acrylics and enamels. Prices start at £25 retail.

We provide a bespoke commissioning service whereby you can see your chosen subject brought to life in solid bronze.Bronze has been valued from the earliest civilisations in Greece, Egypt and Rome to the modern world today. It has been used to make utensils, weapons, furniture, statues, and monuments. In fact virtually anything that needs strength and must wear indefinitely
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