Actuarial Post for Pensions and Investment

We've just created a new website for Actuarial Post, which offers jobs, news and careers information for the pensions and investment industry. This website is a jobs board and news articles website, which uses our jobs board system. Here is an excerpt from their launch press release:

The Actuarial Post combines comprehensive daily news updates alongside articles written by actuaries for our actuarial readership. The site is designed to become not only a first stop repository of papers on specialist fields within the actuarial marketplace but also the most comprehensive. Split into 4 distinct and relevant sections of Life, Pensions, GI and Investment. Each section allows actuaries to immediately target the arena that they operate in whilst still maintaining a general interest in other areas and company news as they navigate from the home page.

The aim is to provide a FREE website that allows our readership to fully immerse themselves in all aspects of the actuarial community, whether it is by downloading articles of interest or contributing pieces themselves. Unique features such as ActuaryMole, providing up to the minute news items from across the spectrum of actuarial firms and consultancy’s, to the new contributory WikiActuary, which once more will be made by actuaries for actuaries which will ensure more unique users per day as well as increasing the readership database.

Visit for more information.
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