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Sam Roman is a singer songwriter from North London, whose new album, Born To Be The King is available for general release in the near future.

Sam’s MySpace account - has a list of several new tracks from the up and coming EP, Singer/Storyteller.

This is an excerpt from Sam’s LastFM site.

“Early October 2008, a young man sits in front of a vintage mixing console with his head in his hands. Coffee stained mugs sit atop mounds of Biro filled lyric sheets as the dull snap of a metronome echoes the mood of the room. All is still, the air is void of creativity, but mere moments from now, an epiphany will occur. As his eyes open wide, his head will emerge rejuvenated and an idea will be born. This was the moment when Sam Roman truly became an artist.

“I was so fed up of trying to imitate what was going on in the charts.” Said Sam. “Once you’ve tried to release an album and failed, you take on a certain insecurity. I was always told of a famous rule, ‘If it’s not broken, don’t try to fix it’. This rule is true for most things, but not for music. In music, we have to keep things moving, we can’t just be the new version of whatever played on the radio last month. We can certainly take influence and be inspired by the past, but to break through and stand out, you need to bring something new to the table.”

From this moment on, Sam embarked on a musical journey that culminated with the completing of his brand new album ‘Born to be the King’.

“I think that for the first time in my short career, I feel truly comfortable with my music. I made the choice not to make an album of the current sound and therefore don’t feel like I’m pretending or imitating.”

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