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“Four out of five employees in the UK do not consider themselves ‘engaged’ in work, costing the British economymore than £46 billion in lost productivity.”

It’s alarming to know that four out of five employees in the UK do not consider themselves ‘engaged’ in work – something which costs the British economy more than £46 billion each year through lost productivity. Therefore, ensuring your employees are motivated and performing at their optimum is paramount to any organisation who doesn’t wish to end up with spiralling bottom line costs. But to achieve this requires building high performance teams within your organisation. Teams containing mismatched behaviours, personality clashes and unresolved conflict will not maximise their performance. All these can be addressed through understanding and recognising how each person in the team behaves and responds in different situations.

The Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) provides an insight into how people behave at work through a series of reports and short questionnaires within the work environment. They are simple to complete, fast, accurate and, above all, cost effective. Ad Astra Partnership, based in Lincoln, are providers of such analysis as well as psychometric testing and consultancy. Formed as an
independent consultancy service, Ad Astra Partnership provides bespoke recruitment solutions to a range of organisations throughout the UK. They understand that in order to gain team commitment and maximise the performance of employees, individuals need to modify their behaviour to complement those of their team members. Through PPA analysis this can be achieved ensuring an organisation increases its productivity and doesn’t become another statistic.

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