Luxembourg’s favourite financial sector staffing specialists Redbridge Recruitment launches new look website

Redbridge Recruitment - Financial Services Luxembourg

RedbridgeRecruitment is a trusted supplier of staff to the Luxembourg banking and financial sector. For over a decade they have grown to become the trusted leading recruiter in the country with many important clients making them their sole recruitment partner. To maintain their lofty position they needed a redesign and upgrade of their existing website. We set them up with a site that is at the cutting edge of recruitment technology and will serve them well for years to come. It is fully responsive and built to be GDPR compliant.

Here is an excerpt from the press release we issued on their behalf:

The driving force behind Luxembourg’s success for over half a century is its finance and banking sector and right at the heart of that sector stands Redbridge Recruitment. This week they are launching their new look website to help drive their mission for years to come.

Specialising within the Professional Services market, Redbridge Recruitment focuses on Financial Services, Commerce & Industry and the Public Sector divisions. Vacancies range from mid-senior level roles across various disciplines including Finance, Legal, HR, Operations, Risk & Compliance and all front office positions.

For more than a decade Redbridge Recruitment has been working in this fast-moving industry and they have used their time wisely. They have developed great contacts, powerful allies and strong relationships among the most influential players in the Grand Duchy. They are well respected and trusted by the people who matter. They work hard to ensure they stay ahead of the competition by being open, honest and having an unerring accuracy at choosing the right candidate for the right opportunity at the right time.

It is these qualities that keep bringing clients back time after time to fill whatever vacancies they may have. A great many clients have chosen to make Redbridge Recruitment their only choice for staffing solutions; this means Redbridge have the details of opportunities that the rest of the Luxembourg employment agencies are simply not privy to.

Candidates can rest assured that their needs and preferences are always taken into consideration. They will never be forwarded for a post that is unsuited to their qualifications, skills and experience. The consultants at Redbridge Recruitment will interview the prospective candidate in depth to find out exactly what strengths and weaknesses they have and work with them to add polish before supporting them all the way through the recruitment process and beyond.

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