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The march of technology never falters and never slows down, leaving us with no choice but to stay in front of it. You can only future-proof your websites so much but, eventually, technology will overtake them. That is why we were pleased to welcome back Caribbean Jobs Online and update their site with a very clever piece of code that makes their job so much easier. Job Match Plus is something we developed for them which we think will prove popular among our recruitment website customers. When a candidate registers, they enter their career details and our system then creates a profile. When a client posts a job and pays for the Jobmatch service, they post the job and are then presented with a matching list of potential candidates, along with a percentage score. All that and the usual responsiveness and site security, little wonder they’re happy with it.

Here is an excerpt from the press release we issued on their behalf:

Based in Barbados, the staff at Caribbean Jobs Online call the islands that make up the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) home. For them the overriding mission is to improve the lives of the people who inhabit these islands and, in doing so, improve the economies of the group too. Their stated goal is:

To support CARICOM's initiative in facilitating the free movement of skilled labour within the Community by bringing recruiters and job seekers together, thus promoting intra-regional labour market integration.

To achieve this goal they have to ensure they put together forward thinking employers with the most qualified candidates. People with the skills and experience to really make a difference, not just to their own career path, but to the company they are working for and the welfare of the region.

Caribbean Jobs Online offers a range of full time and part time career opportunities for candidates in the CARICOM region on a permanent or long/short term contract basis. The consultants who you come into contact with are all experienced recruiters who know how to find the best and most suitable candidates and then help the candidates present the talents they have to some of the best employers in the region.

They combine their keen eye for a winner with a unique job matching algorithm, which has been developed exclusively for Caribbean Jobs Online, called Job Match Plus.

When a candidate registers with Caribbean Jobs Online they add all of their details including the qualifications, skills and experience they have acquired, thus creating a profile. Clients can then put in the details of the position they want filled and the software will present them with a list of potential candidates that match their criteria, along with a percentage score showing how closely the candidates are aligned with their requirements.

This is the future of recruitment and Caribbean Jobs Online is right at the cutting edge.

If you are interested in our services and fully responsive jobsboard website design packages, please get in touch.
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