Specialists in opportunities for overseas social workers looking for jobs in the UK, Dingo Recruitment launches new website

Dingo Recruitment - UK jobs for overseas workers
Dingo Recruitment was founded by Australians who came to the UK as social workers and decided they loved it here and wanted to stay. Moreover, they decided to set up a recruitment agency to help other overseas social workers, nurses and teachers find opportunities with local authorities all over the UK. Their commitment to the people on their books doesn’t just end when they have landed the job though, they organise events, trips and parties to help them make new friends in a foreign country.

Zero-One Design has built for them a great example of what a recruitment website should be: fast, responsive, easy to navigate and easy on the eye. 

Here is an excerpt from the press release we issued on their behalf:

The founders of Dingo Recruitment came to London from Down Under as experienced social workers looking to gain a bit more experience and never went back. With all the knowledge they have gained of living and working in the UK they have decided to offer the chance for other overseas social workers to find great jobs with local authorities all over the country.

So, why London? What is it that has drawn hundreds of thousands of Australians away from the sunshine and beaches to this land of grey skies and warm beer? What do we find so fascinating about the natives who, after all, kicked our ancestors out?

This city is not just the capital of the UK, it is a world city. If you come here you will find yourself immersed in just about every culture on the planet; millions of people living together, speaking hundreds of languages. The British sense of humour is unique; they have a funny way of looking at things that you will never fail to be amused by and there is a warmth and friendliness here that you will be hard pressed to find anywhere else.

Australians coming to the UK love the variety of shops, the hustle and bustle at any hour, the fabulous street markets. There is always another restaurant or pub to discover around almost every corner. They love vibrancy of the nightlife, the cheap gigs with musicians and DJs that never visit Australia and a drinking culture that matches and often exceeds their own from back home.
So, why Dingo Recruitment? Australians with the skills, experience and enthusiasm Dingo are looking for will find a company that will walk beside you every step of the way from initial contact, to the interview itself and way beyond. They will offer you all the support, advice and training opportunities you may need to get you set up. They’ve been there, done that and they’re still wearing the t-shirt!

Dingo likes to think they are more than just a recruitment agency and you are more than just a number. They stay in touch and organise events, dinners, parties and trips to enable you to network and make friends with others who are walking in your shoes right now. No matter what, they will not leave you feeling alone and friendless while you are working here.

Our former PM John Howard once spent a couple of years over here “doing the London thing” and, according to him, it is a rite of passage that every young Aussie should undertake. If you think that this “London thing” is a bit clich├ęd and you want something different, no worries – Dingo Recruitment has contacts with local authorities looking for experienced social workers, nurses and teachers in towns and cities all over the UK.

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