Carer’s jobsboard launches this week

carehomenurse - Nursing & Care Home jobs
Care Home Nurse is a new company that is aiming to bring to together dedicated and experienced care home professionals with excellent employers in care homes all over the UK. Being the caring types ourselves here at Zero-One Design we were only too happy to meet their requirements and a little bit more with a fully responsive top of the line jobsboard. We wish them all the best.

Here is an excerpt from the press release we issued on their behalf:

There are over 21,500 care homes of one sort or another across the UK; this means there are always a great number of caring opportunities open to those with the skills and experience as qualified carers. It has to be said, though, a career in caring is about so much more than qualifications. To be a success in this line of work requires a certain attitude, the right personality and character traits that stand out in a world that looks increasingly inward and where, it seems, far too many just look out for themselves.

You have to really want to do this kind of work; it isn’t just a job, it is a calling. You need to approach it in a way that says “I’m going to look after these people to the best of my ability and treat them how I would wish to be treated were I in their situation.” You never know, one day you might be!

Care Home Nurse wants to create a very special community dedicated to this very special vocation. They want to create a place where employers can advertise their vacancies knowing that their applicants will be of the highest standards: experienced, fully qualified and with the sort of character that will make them a valuable addition to the existing team. A community where carers can come along and find worthwhile opportunities with excellent employers who appreciate the hard work the caring profession entails.

On the Care Home Nurse website you will find roles to suit your skills and experience in care homes situated all over the UK and dealing with a variety of needs. From homes for the care of the elderly, to those dedicated to helping those with mental health issues, problems with addiction and substance abuse, specialist dementia units and hospices for terminal illness. Whatever area of care your skill set covers, Care Home Nurse will have your next career opportunity waiting for you.

Caring is like giving a gift to someone and then reaping your own rewards from it. There are few better feelings than knowing you have brought a little ray of sunshine into someone’s otherwise dark day. Even the simplest of things: a smile and a nice cup of tea, a shared joke, someone to listen to them or even just holding their hand when they need a lift – it all makes a world of difference to those you care for and to you.

If you are interested in our services and fully responsive jobsboard website design packages, please get in touch.

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