Kit's Work Experience Week

On my work experience week I decided to come to Zero One Design as I am interested in coding and cyber security. I thought it would give me some more knowledge into the behind the scenes of websites and what goes into making them.

On Monday I came in and was given my first task instantly. I had to have a look around the website, so I knew exactly what Zero One Design was all about. Which I now know is mainly recruitment websites and jobs boards. I also added some profiles to a new recruitment website to make sure it worked correctly, which it mostly did with just some minor issues. I then spoke to Alan, the designer, who showed me how websites are designed in terms of their layout and logo's. That was the end of my first day. 

On Tuesday I mainly updated their social media pages, like Instagram. I put all their new websites they had created since their last post, so customers have an idea of their more up to date websites. I also spoke to Elena who showed me how the admin worked behind a website. And how you can easily change or add information to your website if you need to.

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Then on Wednesday Steven took me to London via the London Midlands train. We first met with James Lawrence, the owner of Ex-Military Careers ( where we discussed what he wanted to do to the website. After the first meeting we were left with a little bit of free time, so we decided to go to a nice little pub called The Lord Aberconway. Where we each had a sandwich, and Steven had his first pint of the day. Then we went to our second meeting where we met LCA recruitment , to discuss their upcoming website. Finally we went to the Royal George for our final "meeting". Where we met another customer, then traveled home on a very quiet virgin train.

On Thursday Steven took me to London again, but this time only for one meeting in Kensington. As soon as we finished the meeting we went back to the train station and home for a very short day of work for me.

Finally on Friday I updated the twitter, by  uploading some relevant news stories for followers to read. I also added a new website portfolio, news story and blog. And I also tweeted the stories on twitter. Then my final task was to write this blog,which I have.

I have really enjoyed my work experience week here, and would like to thank Steven and everyone else who taught me about what goes into making a successful website.

~ Kit

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