Olive Healthcare - Locum Nursing Recruitment Across The UK

Olive Healthcare - Locum Nursing Recruitment
Olive Healthcare have been blessed with no shortage of ambition and drive, they aim to be the best, and here at Zero-One Design we like that. They are a recruitment consultancy supplying locum nurses, covering a variety of disciplines, to private and NHS hospitals, health centres, prisons, MOD and whoever else needs them.

To help them achieve their goals we built a fully responsive recruitment site for them. It has all the bells and whistles they might need, including: web service, mobile compatibility, user friendly interface and links to their social media presence.

Here is an excerpt from the press release we issued on their behalf:

Olive Healthcare has had one aim: to be the No.1 recruiter of top quality locum nurses, to the private sector and NHS, that you will find anywhere in the UK. We believe there is no point competing unless you intend to win, to be the best at what you do. You see, here at Olive Healthcare, we don’t want to be locum nurse recruitment agency – we want to be THE locum nurse recruitment agency!

A lofty ambition? We don’t think so. To win you need a winning team. That’s why we assembled one. We brought together a management team with many years’ worth of combined experience working in the fields of recruitment and medicine. Added to that we have some of the brightest and best recruitment consultants you will find anywhere. We’d consider that a good start.

We’ve built a comprehensive support structure for our nurses. We make sure we are always available to them when they need us for help and career advice. They know we are only ever a phone call away.

Olive Healthcare is a young and ambitious company built by old and experienced heads who know how to get things done. We are already attracting clients from the private healthcare sector, the Prison Service, MOD, care homes, health centres and NHS Health Authorities from all over the UK.

There is a good reason why Olive Healthcare is building such an impressive client list relatively quickly: we rely on our reputation. We are trusted to deliver the highest quality nursing staff whenever and wherever they are needed. We know a staffing shortage can occur at the most inconvenient times; that’s not a problem, our consultants are available 24/7 to meet any kind of shortfall with qualified and experienced nurses ready to step in.

If you are interested in our services and fully responsive medical recruitment website design packages, please get in touch.

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