Recruitment consultancy Oakwood Search announce the relaunch of their website as they move into Europe and the UK

Oakwood Search Recruitment - Thailand
Oakwood Search has grown to be one of the largest and most influential recruitment consultancies in Thailand and the whole of South East Asia. They offer permanent and long/short term contracts for top professionals in industry, construction, engineering and commerce. Now they have decided to expand their business across Europe and the UK.

To aid them in such an ambitious project they needed a website that could take the job on, so naturally they came to Zero-One Design. This project has included the design of a responsive recruitment website with a full online timesheet system. 

Here is an excerpt from the press release we issued on their behalf:

Formed in 2006 by HR and recruitment expert Phitarpa Choudkam, Oakwood Search took just 10 years to rise to prominence and become one of the most influential and respected recruitment consultancies in South East Asia. This week sees the launch of their new, updated website geared towards the global recruitment market.
Despite their success, the people at Oakwood Search still adhere to a strict code of ethics that have been in place and followed since the company first opened their doors. They treat everyone they come into contact with, both clients and candidates, with openness, honesty and transparency. It is the foundation on which their business is built.
Oakwood Search has spent the last 10 years building their company into the recruitment consultancy that their founder originally envisaged. They have put together a team of consultants who bring a high level of professionalism and subject knowledge. People who have worked in the industries they represent as well as having experience in recruitment.
They have built an enviable database of the best available candidates in their various disciplines. They have been tested and vetted to a high standard to even be considered as a candidate. They are, after all, representing Oakwood Search when introduced to clients.
Oakwood Search has built partnerships with an array of companies; from SMEs to multinational corporations. They have built a reputation of excellence, honesty and good business practices. This reputation makes Oakwood Search first choice for so many companies. 

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