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Unlocking Potential - Cornwall Jobsboard
This week has seen the launch of our latest work; a project we took on, requested by Cornwall College, and called Unlocking Potential. This initiative offers start ups, established SMEs and entrepreneurs in the Cornwall and Southwest region 
Added to this range of first rate services is our graduate recruitment jobsboard, to get them started on their chosen career path. It’s good for graduates and, being self-funding, it’s good for the university.
When Cornwall College conceived of this idea they put it out to tender to all jobsboard suppliers across the UK and beyond. Many of our competitors might have been put off because it was a lengthy process, involving highly detailed demonstrations, discussions and communication. 
We were immediately attracted to the idea and were enthusiastic about supporting their efforts in the South West. They were building something worthwhile for their area and we wanted to be part of it. We presented our system to them; it’s a system we have great confidence in, it’s tried and tested and, over the years, has been subject to constant upgrades and innovation.
Here is an excerpt from the press release we issued on their behalf:
There is careers advice available for students and graduates at their universities. These facilities should not be overlooked as what they offer can mean the difference between future success and being an also-ran on the jobs market. They provide advice and support, relying on many years’ worth of experience gained watching students pass through their halls. The website stands as a bridge between graduates and the world of business and industry. There is help available for those looking to start their own business and a jobsboard for companies looking for the brightest and best universities can produce.
Students and their families spend a great deal of money earning a degree. It can mean many years struggling under the yoke of tremendous debt. For the majority it is worth it as they take their first steps along their chosen career path. For others, all it might take is a helping hand to be the difference between winning and not even entering the race.
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