Carpet Repairs? Call Tamworth’s Carpet Doctor!

Carpet Repair in Tamworth and Birmingham from Carpet Doctor

A damaged carpet doesn’t mean it needs replacing; call in the Carpet Doctor for expert carpet repairs and save money
Carpeting your home can be expensive; therefore you want that carpet to last a good few years before it needs replacing. 

Accidents do happen though. Obviously you don’t want the look of your carpet ruined by stains, burns or snags, so what do you do? So, do you tear up the carpet and replace it with a new one? No, you call in the doctor.

Carpet Doctor has been operating out of Tamworth since 1997 and has, in that time, come across every conceivable type of damage that a carpet can suffer. They are professional carpet fitters and repair experts whose work has took them outside the Tamworth, Birmingham and Midlands region to every corner of the UK. They have repaired carpets in homes, offices, retail and commercial properties up and down the country, leaving in their wake an army of satisfied customers. No wonder they are satisfied, Carpet Doctor’s carpet repairs saved them a considerable amount of money.

Your carpet can be subject to misfortune over time, all sorts of little accidents occur that can cause a bit of an eyesore. It can pick up hard to remove stains from accidental spillages; dropped makeup such as mascara can be a nightmare to clean up, candle wax dripping on the carpet, that red wine that you knocked over…no problem.

Burn marks from cigarettes, hot coals from an open fire, or that perfectly formed shape of the iron that you left just a minute too long? No problem.

What about the damage by the door when the pooch got locked in and tried to dig its way out? The mess the cat makes when it claws the carpet with a contented purr? That’s not a problem either.

How about the door that drags because you never got around to sorting it out? What about the fraying, tearing, holes, snags, rucks, wrinkles and rips…? Seriously, it’s no problem for the Carpet Doctor.

The Carpet Doctor is on call six days a week and these experienced and professional carpet repair experts will quickly and efficiently repair any damage to your carpet that life has thrown at it. Using specialist tools for carpet burn repair, stain removal and pet damage repair, Carpet Doctor will restore your carpet to its former glory and you will not even see where the damage was.

If you think your carpet is damaged beyond repair then think again! 

Call the Carpet Doctor on 01827 284 524 or 07976 702 383 and see how much you can save by repairing not replacing your carpet. 
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