Quality Content Equals Quality Leads

Well since our new website went live in the 2nd week of January we have noticed a significant increase not only in the amount of inquiries we're getting into the business but also in the quality of the inquiries.

You may have heard the phrase "Content is King"?? Well our experience is proving the weight of this statement.

A recent client of ours Ex-Militarycareers.com appointed us to not only handle the design and build of their Jobs Board for the Ex-Military Community but they also asked us to write content for the website too.

We noticed that in the 2 months that we were consistently active on the website such as adding extra pages ,new stories and PR along with regularly posting to social media platforms their website activity doubled.

So...we thought we would run the same kind of activity with our new website. Our old website had somewhere in the region of 300 pages and our new website has over 600 content pages (sounds a lot doesn't it?) Well, the extra focus seems to have paid off because again our inquiries in to the business have doubled, are of a higher quality and are more internationally based. For example 3 of our closures this week have come from the US, Africa and Saudi Arabia.

We pride ourselves on offering a transparent service to our clients and as a business always pass on our findings to assist them in marketing their site in the best possible way.

Even we as business have been swayed by the charms of an SEO sales person and tentatively authorized a few companies who professed to be masters of SEO; promising to deliver high ranking success through carefully selected and implemented keywords and phrases. Very quickly we realized that their promises were empty. Fortunately for businesses they will soon see the demise of this type of SEO service as these companies will start to morph into content quality services. Google is killing off the power of the keyword in favor of meaning and intent so don't get left behind.

To conclude..if you haven't got your website content sorted now then try to make a point of of finding the time to improve it over the coming months and you WILL see a difference in traffic.

note; content should be relevant and try to be at the least 350 words a page.

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