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'Flexi Workforce launches site to answer calls for a more flexible approach to work'

As part of a trend that has been gathering pace over the last few years, employers are beginning to realise the benefits of offering the choice of a more flexible working pattern. Whether it is full-time or part-time job sharing, the option of choosing the hours you want to work is an attractive one to large sections of Britain’s workforce.

Flexi Workforce has announced the launch of their website entirely dedicated to promoting this new way of working. They have positions with companies ranging from small businesses to huge multi-nationals as giants like the Lloyds Banking Group, Cisco, Tesco, Citi and Ford begin to see the advantages of flexible working patterns both for themselves and their staff.

…of Flexi Workforce said “It is not always easy to find really good, experienced and committed people. Yet we also know that offering a range of flexible working practices - including full time with flexible hours, part time, compressed hours, homeworking and term time only - can really help secure the perfect employee.”

So who benefits? Well the first category that springs to mind is the parents. Many find staying at home to bring up the child a struggle, especially if there is only their partner’s wage coming in or they are single parent. They don’t want to pay for expensive full-time childcare and miss out on the bonding process during the child’s formative years. Nor do they want to take too much time out which may mean losing their earning capacity and chances of advancement.

The retiree who, after years of work, looks forward to being able to put their feet up and take it easy. In many cases they begin to feel isolated and miss both the camaraderie and the monetary rewards that employment gives them. Employers also realise that so much skill and experience is lost when a worker is forced into retirement. Flexible hours could provide a happy medium.

Many people used to concentrate on working hard to move up the ladder, putting in a lot of hours for pay and progression. That attitude is beginning to change with work/life balance becoming a THE buzzwords in the workplace now. Flexible working patterns give more control to the individual and have been proven through studies to reduce stress – one of the biggest killers of the modern age.

Employers, in many cases, think that flexible working patterns benefit only the worker and stifle productivity thus they prefer the traditional 9-5 model. Studies have shown the opposite to be true.

Advertising a job with the promise of a flexible working pattern will put it to the top of the list for many of the most talented candidates as they place their work/life balance on equal or higher terms with salary and career progression. Switching to a flexible policy also helps retain staff and less lost days through stress related illness. Productivity will increase along with profits due to a happier workforce.

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