The Website Makeover

Content Creation and Article Writing are absolutely essential if you want your website to keep it's search engine positioning and to also keep people on your website with "sticky content" (hate that phrase!!). Trouble is, we're not all gifted with writing skills and most people get word blindness as soon as they are confronted with a blank screen on their PC etc!

You've got to keep your content refreshed and relevant to your customers and you need to do it regularly! If you can't do it, then we can help.

Refreshing your website content:

  • Revives flagging search engine rankings
  • Encourages visitors to keep coming back
  • Helps marketing efforts
  • Gives you an edge over your competitors
  • Keeps your content Sticky (still hate that phrase!)
Google regularly re-visits sites to check for new content; if it finds none then it will deem a site to be of less relevance to searchers and will rank it lower accordingly. By refreshing your page content the search engines will sit up and take notice, pushing your site back up the rankings, bringing more visitors and providing a welcome boost to your marketing strategy.
Search Engine Relevance
In addition to rewriting your optimised page content we can easily add a blog page which will provide a constant stream of fresh content. The articles in your blog posts, optimised for your keywords, will have active links to your website content that the search engines will follow, thus boosting your relevance.  Visitors to your site will want to keep coming back to read this new content, increasing your search engine relevance and giving you an unequalled edge over your competitors.

I know most people don't like writing content and don't know what to write or what to do, but it is so important if you want to keep your website relevant.

Click here to read a bit more about content creation and article writing or call us at ZOD and we'll put you in touch with just the man!!

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