Tamworth Carpet Repairs Experts Have Got It Covered

Don’t discard damaged carpet when Tamworth carpet repairs service The Carpet Doctor can save you money!

In these austere times it makes little sense to throw out a damaged carpet, spending hundreds of pounds replacing it when the leading Tamworth carpet repairs service offered by The Carpet Doctor can breathe new life into your carpet, repairing damage, removing stains and leaving it as good as new.

You know that accidents happen around the home and the workplace; it is unavoidable that you will at some time or another spill something or damage your carpet in some way. Damaging your carpet isn’t the end of the world and it certainly isn’t the end of the life of your carpet.

The Carpet Doctor will repair snags and tears in the seams, even holes. Burns from cigarettes, hot coals or embers and steam irons will disappear with our peerless carpet matching service. Ink stains, spillages and marks from makeup will be removed by our advanced stain removing solutions.

It is surprising how much damage to carpets can be caused by pets. Whether it’s from staining or tearing the fibres by digging, our faithful little companions cost British households a huge amount every year from having to replace flooring. This doesn’t have to be the case, the Tamworth carpet repairs expert The Carpet Doctor can save your carpet and in the process save you money.

Why throw money away on expensive carpets when The Carpet Doctor can repair it to such a high degree that you will find it hard to point out where the damage was? Established in 1997, The Carpet Doctor has a wealth of experience from carpet repairs in Tamworth, the Birmingham area and nationwide. Whether in homes, offices or hotels, their carpet repair service is professional, efficient and fast, offering a friendly, personal service and honest advice on carpet care and repair.

To discuss your carpet fitting or repair needs call The Carpet Doctor! Visit the website for contact details or give us a ring on 01827 284 524 or 07976 702 383. The Carpet Doctor – we’ve got it covered.

Visit www.carpetdoctor.co.uk for more information.
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