Spicer Spike launch new website

The Spicer Spike Golf Training Aid launch new website, Zero-One Design Ltd based in Tamworth, Staffs, are website design specialists who created Spicer Spikes new website.

Here's an exerpt from their launch press release:

Chris Spicer has been an enthusiastic amateur golfer for thirty years, over the years he has had many golfing lessons from the club pro and one of the training techniques he has learned is that of using a cane or rod inserted into the ground at an angle to act as a swing guide to the ball placed under the end of the rod. Whilst this technique is proven to work Chris realised that it can not be used on the driving range or on the practice green.

Having given the matter some thought Chris asked his friend Ray Aldworth, an engineer, if he could make him a device to position a suitable rod on any surface. Consequently a one off sample was made which proved to be successful. The friends then realised that there may be a commercial market for such a device so that it can be shared with others. They then developed what now has been named by Ray, somewhat misleading, as “The Spicer Spike”.

It has now been developed to be an economically manufactured product and is now readily from this website www.spicerspike.co.uk  or from www.ebay.co.uk

Visit www.spicerspike.co.uk  for more information.
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