Oppo Recruitment launch new website.

Oppo Recruitment launch new website for ex-military personnel. Their website was designed by website design specialists Zero-One Design Ltd based in Tamworth, Staffs, UK.

Here's an exerpt from their launch press release:

Oppo Recruitment, ex-forces,ex-military and civilian jobs and recruitment, was set up by an ex-soldier to help soldiers to re-adjust to civilian life on leaving the forces and also apply the same military discipline in helping with civilian recruitment.

Oppo Recruitment was set up by soldiers for soldiers.

“ Driven by personal experience when my own career in the forces came to an end, I am determined to help soldiers avoid the many problems that I had encountered on return to civilian life.”

Oppo Recruitment brings the same, discipline, determination and support, inherent in the forces, to civilian clients helping them to overcome their own challenges

Oppo recruitment offer a wide range of courses, from CV Writing and Interview Techniques, through to other civilian training courses offered by a various organisations who we partner with.

Visit www.opporecruitment.co.uk and see for yourself.
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