David E Bland Evokes Debate With His New Blog.

Author David E Bland evokes debate with his unabashed and insightful blog on economical affairs. Mr bland has studied the economy and economics for over forty years and has taught economics, the history of economic thought and some economic history at university level for over twenty years. He was CEO of an international professional institute in financial services for more than a decade and has many more significant achievements to put to his name.

Here's an exerpt from David Blands blog:

The passion for Mr Blands direct truth resonates poignantly in the title of his most recent article 'What a Mess'.
The article begins, today the British news media carry another plethora of items that contribute towards a general feeling of gloom at the apparently-universal collapse of social norms across the economically distressed country. Most shocking is a report of spot checks on geriatric wards in 100 hospitals, that shows half the hospitals provided inadequate care: and one in five were so neglectful that they did not meet basic standards- they were breaking the law.

He prides himself on challenging the normative assumptions that underly academic economics and believes that the time has come for the world to understand the fundamental failings of the aforementioned.

That being said he will not hesitate to apostatize any part of his blog or books for that matter that is decimated by emergent reality.
To view David E Blands Blog go to http://davidebland.blogspot.com/2011/10/
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