New website for newly launched book ‘Personal Political Economy’ by David E Bland

To support David E Blands new E book on the Worldwide Financial Economy System, a new website for newly launched book "Personal Political Economy" was created. The E book encapsulates Dr Blands forty years of extensive work and research into developing his own system.

An exerpt from the book:
‘As a schoolboy I personally saw the slow death of Lancashire cotton; as a Durham student I saw the trauma of mine closures and the bulldozing of pit villages; then after twenty years during which industries in other parts of the country took the hit I was Dean of Social Sciences in Sheffield University while artisan employment in the steel city was chopped from over seventy thousand to fewer than seventeen thousand in two years, with world-leading skills and science abandoned. After another fifteen years in the booming City of London I began in 2004 to issue warnings that a crisis was being prepared, and it took another three years before the disaster became manifest. The consequences of this succession of economic calamities have not yet fully been recognised in Britain; to the extent that the measures taken by the 2010 coalition government – though they are draconian – do not adequately or appropriately address the situation.’
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